Day 22: Ope Omonijo M.D


2015 would always be an extraordinary year for me. The year that forever changed my life. The year I got married.
I’ve had a roller coaster of emotions and experiences this year. But all in all, it has left me a better person, a stronger woman.
I’ve exhibited strengths I didn’t know I possessed.

I’m extremely thankful for life, my faith, love, family, friends, cake, chocolates, my career, and countless other things.

One challenge I faced was how to get over the wrongs I perceived people had done to me. In some cases, I had to voice my opinions and be confrontational. At other times, I had to get down on my knees and draw strength from God with my major prayer point being that the seeds of bitterness do not take root in my life.

This year, I learnt to be more honest and open about my feelings. Something I’ve always found strangely difficult.

Many experiences from 2015 left me with remarkable lessons aptly summarized by Rajiv Rohan:
No one owes you anything (No, not even a thank you)
It is actually you who owes the world and its denizens. You take up space (physical and emotional). And you better have something good to show for it.

If 2015 was a colour, mine would be a rainbow.

2016 I am ready, come what may.

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