Day 23: Oyemola Aduragbemi


So, when I got invited for a feature on Perry’s Tots i thought to myself ‘oh woow! Nice! Haha, only if was a good writer like Pero’ but then again, I decided to give this a shot since it’s about sharing my blessings. Here I go, hope you enjoy it:

When 2015 started, I gave myself the ‘new me, new year, new goals’ talk we all do. I set my face like a flint (Is. 50:7), dropped my prayers at the altar, had the ‘big chop’ and hoped for the best ride I’ve ever had. I will just randomly itemize my 23 thoughts, lessons, hopes and moments.

1.  Made my 1st résumé (while my mates were making theirs for electives, I was busy making one for fashion internship to a popular house, my secret passion) well, I was declined as she felt I wasn’t going to be staying long enough since I’m a medical student—1st disappointment of the year, that shii hurts.

2.  Whoever said students are never broke lied, big time! Thank God I survived the harmattan. *whew*

3.  This year I struggled with punctuality and time management… so much for my ex disciplined self.

4.  I’m like, everyone in a relationship but me anyways,


5.  I had some difficult times with academics this year tho, chai, shout out to my WOBIA GROUP STUDY girls and my room-mates (Akinde and Tolu), they helped my sanity in those periods *muah*

6.  Quite a number of challenging family moments though but my one time and always Lover always showed up.

7.  My moments of sadness over my low body mass index too… abeg, we all have our individual struggles.

8.  Good times with my group study girls at Karaoke night, Dolapo’s cook-out, and medical outreach with tonia and becks.

9.  Awesome times with my ‘the Rock Foundation family!’ and shout out to Abidogun for the things I take from your locker without telling you, what are friends for but to finish your things sometimes, Hehe.

10. Case 2015,technically my pre-ADULT year as the new prayer points and requests from family and other relatives became ‘oko rere (ideal husband) and their hopes for free medical consultations and hospital building at home town’… hehe! Awon jokers! I don’t even know what I want to do after MB; BS… I don’t even want to adult o!

11.  In all I have learnt, especially from this year’s experience, to totally trust in God and find all my needs in Him.

12.  Learnt that no one can love me the way HE does.

13.  Learnt that the best of what I need to enjoy in life is within me; I just need to look deep within and access it.

14.  The best of man is MAN, never expect too much from people.

15.  Treat others with as much respect and honour as I would myself.

16.  Silence is golden; there is so much the mind can invent only if I reflect.

17.  Think about it before I react – someone knows what I’m talking about here.

18.  People are watching even when I don’t know, so let integrity and values always be my watchword.

19.  To run the race of life with patience, no be competition (Heb. 12: 3); we all won’t get out alive anyways so ‘the end is death, the gain is legacy’

20.  I recommend Proverbs 23 for more life lessons.

21.  I will summarise my aspirations, hopes, and dreams in 2016 as ‘To realise the gaps I need to fill and fulfil them while am still alive, put those smiles on, bring some of  my fashion sketches to life, and to know and love more and more the one who loved me first’.

22.  I almost forgot, I need to go out a little more, visit those exotic relaxing places, exhibitions…just have fun.

23.  Just cause I clocked 23 this year on life’s watch

24.  Just because I’m too stubborn to stop at 23, Merry Christmas and Happy New year 2016 in advance! May the years only get better *cheers*

Seasons greetings from Perry’s Tots. 😀

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