Day 24: Agbelese Mayowa


A friend indeed!

Wow! What a year!! I really give glory to God for how far he has brought me, and where he is taking me to. I thank God for my family, friends (old and New), colleagues at work and school, I thank God for life generally, he has been faithful.

When the year started I had one major goal, which was to build a very large network of people” weird isn’t it? Yea I know…reason being that I’ve learnt that the reason I was created and put in this world anyway is to meet people, and make them happy. In fact you wouldn’t be anything without people else I would have been created and put in the bush if I didn’t need people.

God’s will for me this year was quite exact, ‘cos the way he planned it, on a serious note I never dreamt of it that way, That’s God been GOD.

From the previous year, I’ve been the class governor, and I’ve been doing fine, then the presidential election at the departmental level came up, and I was picked to be part of the electoral committee, in which I worked with Aluko Femi (a very hardworking guy) who headed the committee. We conducted the first “online voting” in the school which was record breaking to me. Little did I know that it was just the beginning. Before that, the two presidential candidates have approached me to help them in the best way I could to win the election, though, I preferred one over the other, but I played my role for both. After the electioneering process, the one I preferred won the election…lol! I wasn’t bias though!
But then, the president and I became very good friends as I was appointed the deputy speaker of the department. Then one fateful day, he approached me and was like “Mayor, I’ve seen how you handle your class well, and you have this savvy for business. There is this competition I want to apply for but it requires four students and I think I will like you to join my team” Hell No! I was stunned, ‘cos when I looked at what he said I’ve actually done, I found that I didn’t even do anything special, there and then I knew God was doing something spectacular in my life because all that was just “favour”. I thank God, that was how I got into the CIMA Global Business Challenge with Samuel Anjorin (President), Bamigboye Grace and Oduntan Bolanle, little did I know that, that opportunity was going to take me to Abuja for the first time in my life and not just that, I travelled out to two countries (United Arab Emirates and Poland), and I met friends from 26 countries around the globe, isn’t that awesome? All that was God saying amen to my goal, God is truly great. But it didn’t end there, my mum was able to finish her chemotherapy and now she is fine, we are moving to our house by the end of this year upon all that my results have been awesome so far, I really thank God.

Therefore, I could conclude by saying: if you are a child of God, there is really nothing to be afraid of, because God’s got it under control, just keep him as your companion, talk to him like you will your friend and trust me you will be better than fine.

I really thank Ajayi Adepero the owner of this blog for this opportunity, I celebrate you, God bless you…Keep the flag flying, and thank y’all for reading. 😀

Merry Christmas & Happy New year in advance.

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