Day 24: Chimezie

Ex-roomie, constant friend! 🙂
We design our lives, in part, by the stories we tell. Especially when we experience changes, and perhaps changes that we didn’t initiate and that initially didn’t feel good, we still get to tell a story about it. So here’s goes my 2015 story…

I was greeted 12.01am, January 1st 2015 by the old wives saying… let us welcome the new year full of things we have never been. The bells rang, fireworks flared and people cheered. Many got new year kisses but a few of us could only dream. But the new year could only begin for me as always 14days after the entire world welcomed the new year. What a spectacular way to usher in the (my) new year!… shout out to cool (Temi) and the gang (Oyin, Dozie and Imohkai). Of course, lolu, Oge and kelia y’all made my day.

Habitually, I make resolutions for the new year but I was determined to make 2015 an exception. Inevitably, I was strong armed by bombardment with motivational words like ‘Take up that hobby or sport you’ve always wanted to do’,  
‘Read those books you put on the shelf’, ‘Learn that skill you’ve dreamed of having’, ‘Build that treehouse, climb that mountain, go swim with dolphins, take that vacation, get that massage, write that poetry, go skydive, learn to salsa, play that guitar, keep a diary, become an olympic athlete, go back to school, do ANYTHING you want!’. So I resolved to make every second count and make memories that would be evident by my unending photo gallery. The life of a student can be incredibly demanding. One outcome is the number of frazzled and stressed-out students in my medical school. Accordingly, at the beginning of the year also, I made unending promises to self to exercise regularly and set aside some time for relaxation. In addition, make time to remain bonded with my friends and family as well as add fun and laughter into their lives.

Truth be told, so far I haven’t come close to fulfilling my resolutions and the year is fast coming to an end. Maybe it was laziness, maybe medical school left me with little or no time, I can go on and on with the excuses but sincerely though, I don’t think resolutions could ever be completely resolved! (at least not by me *sigh).

As the days soon became weeks and the weeks turned into months, it dawned on me that this year brought with it new beginnings which would prove to be incredibly challenging. Many a time, I felt the challenges I had to face were insurmountable nonetheless, I always had behind me Pero, Gordon, Haven and my family (my greatest cheerleaders) routing for me and reassuring me that they too shall pass. Indeed they passed. In the end, I was surprised at how well I fared and I often caught myself saying…it was possible after all.

The year was also filled with magic, dreams and good madness. My all time high this year was when i got the call that informed me that pros result was out and i wasn’t going to come for ‘conference’. I was delirious with happiness. Chi e me kwa ya ozo. In that moment I realised que sera sera. Having a 2months break from school was spectacular. I got to travel, see many different places and meet exceptional individuals. Another beautiful memory I would always cherish was project defence. Not because there was anything special about it but it marked the end of the most stressful task yet I had ever engaged in other than preparing for 300 level professional exam.

The year 2015 wasn’t all good fortunes, smiles and tears of joy, I lost my uncle (one out of a handful of relatives i was incredibly fond of). I was hurt and the moments that followed were not so good times but I was able to put things into perspective. This life is for loving, sharing, learning, smiling, caring, forgiving, laughing and there was no use having unhealthy attachment to things I have no control over. I will choose to live my life this way.

I have grown tremendously as a person and a friend and learnt so much along the way, the most resounding of which is the fact that little or nothing is impossible. Everything that is meant to be would find a way and enjoy the good times. I now hold these words dear: Express your love, Share your enthusiasm, Take action towards your dreams, Embrace your blessings, Make everyday worth remembering and Better things are coming.

All said and done I would say 2015 was a great year and I am most thankful for the gift of life, good health, the most supercalifragilisticexpialidocious friends andA family that means the world to me. As far as hopes, dreams and aspirations for 2016 go, it’s hoped that they all culminate in happiness.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year in advance everyone.

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