Day 25: Larah Bakare


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2015 a year I thought was going to be different….. 

   This is my year I said to myself, I was going to become a doctor, no more lectures, no more exams, no more procedures, I was so h‎appy, I had made up my mind I wasn’t going to write  resit this year, so I started reading like crazy!!! 

   The exams finally came and they were not as good as I wanted them to be, I patiently waited for the results. The results came out and I failed all the papers. I was disappointed in myself, I didn’t know what to tell my parents, my aunts and my fiancee, who were planning to throw an induction party for me. 

  We were given 6 weeks to prepare for the resit exams.Though I was scared initially, I decided to put all my fears and doubts that I had during the main exams aside and I built up my confidence. I started preparing for my exams, I had so much to cover, I did more of praying and became more confident contrary to the main exam, this resit actually brought me closer to God.  

  Part of the things I did while preparing for my resit exams were to always go to the clinic to learn and do my procedures. I also asked the resident doctors to teach me topics I didn’t understand. I made sure I went  for all my revision classes, I wrote essays and submitted them to consultants to mark them for me and I also solved a lot of past questions. 

  The exams finally came and it wasn’t  as good as I thought ‎it would be again, I finally accepted that I was a failure, after all I had always written all resits in every class(from 200level-600level). I started planning my extra year, I planned to move out of the hostel and resume school feb 2016 to write the next 600level exams. 

The results came out, and I found out I cleared all my papers, my name also came out on the Housemanship/internship 3rd batch list, I was so happy, life is beautiful indeed.The year 2015 I thought was a bad turned out to be a great year for me, the beginning doesn’t justify the end.      
Before I drop my pen, I will like to say that when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade and leave the world wondering how you did it. Whenever life throws you obstacles see it as a blessing in disguise, don’t just lie down looking for self pity, the only person that can encourage you is yourself and always learn to have a personal relationship with God. When life gives you resit, return them by passing them, after all I can’t remember seeing resitter on my license on my induction day lol!!!!   

Merry Christmas from Perry’s Tots. 🙂

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Season’s greetings from Perry’s Tots.

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