Day 27: Cassandra Akinde

I want to thank God for an interesting year. He has been awesome to me and my loved ones. I also want to thank Miss Perry for giving me an opportunity to share my reflections about this year.

The early beginning of the year began well for me, I had opportunity to reminisce my childhood memories during my electives. Learnt a lot and was able to compare notes as always. During the holidays I was also able to improve my social life.

Now to the main aspect of this I am thankful for:

I’m thankful for all my friends; old and new ones. For some who have graduated from university and those who got married this year. For those who got engaged and for those who got employed.

The biggest challenge of this year for me have been academics.The final year of medical school has been very overwhelming for me and stressful but I have felt God’s presence throughout it all.

My good times involved spending time with my friends and family. Picnic with my family was awesome.The social outing with my classmates was also incredible. It was time well spent. During the holidays I was able to go skiing, skating and attend an opera session. I thank God for that because it’s something I wont forget.

My bad times involved a series of tragedies….sad face….Lost  a family member. Some important people to me also passed on. Some celebrities I really liked died tragically. As if that was not enough I lost my two pet dogs in less than a week.

Well I look forward to a new year.I will be writing my professional exam in February and of course I hope to pass and get my MBBS degree. After graduation I hope to focus on my hobbies and attain some goals I have set up for myself. Maybe find love…who knows maybe will find that someone who will be able to handle me *winks*. I hope to improve my multi-linguistic ability and to travel more around Africa .

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Season’s greetings from Perry’s Tots.

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