Day 29: Rusty

Because I love to host Rusty here! 🙂
“A new year is almost gone
Only victors may speak of it”

But try I shall
That’s a start to a poem I could not complete yet it describes my year perfectly; rushed, beautiful but clearly unfinished. 
I am yet to win any of the battles but I’ve borne all of the pain quite well; pain of rejection, pain of good intentions. I learnt to force nothing but let faith decide.
To free me of guilt I took a step to reconnect with all who despise me, for who I am how I act there’s no manual to life we learn more each day. 

And no one year has taught me more than 2015. I’ve grown in ways I never thought possible, took on more responsibility, drew family closer  because there’s nothing like home to remind you of what’s truly important. 

A better me is in sight I believe and it’s as a result of 2015 and all I experienced.
Started off with my medical electives at University of Ghana Medical School Korle-Bu. The peace and calm I enjoyed for one month, ten months back in Nigeria is yet to take away from me. The humility of the Ghanian people is truly amazing. *S/O to Chad mr akwaaba , Sampayne the deputy booty inspector and Antonini the sly one. That was definitely the highlight of my year and at the time I was so sure there would be many more but alas it’s been posting after posting after posting. 
I want to be a doctor so bad. It’s been a wonderful journey and the end is so close yet seems so far away, I hope to win one and bag a degree soon. Amen

I have a bad habit of shutting out things I don’t wish to remember instead of learning from them. This blog helps me to do that every December. Thank you.

“The world may seem to change to hide its true nature
Behind a veil to not reveal its state of inertia”

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