Day 30: Oyindamola Oshati


Whoop! It’s the end of the year again. Time to look back and reflect on what has happened in the year so far.

I’ll like to thank Pero for giving me this opportunity to write on her blog.

I’m Oshati Oyindamola ‘Funke.

Okay… this year started for me on a very serious note as my 2nd professional exams were approaching. So I had to read for all the incourses and the exam. It wasn’t easy. I was practically always in class morning and night. But well I thank God,the results were fine and i’m now a clinical student.

A week to the exams was my birthday. I had clin path incourse that day. But I thank God,that day went well, joyful me, cake and drinks for friends that came to celebrate with me.

Still on the academics part… I thought this year would be ‘lounging’ for me as our seniors told us, but nope 400level, I had to go to clinic,ward round,theatre,A/e etc. But well.. 400level is almost over by end of February next year. I should be done.

Clinical year has made me look back to thank God for my family: my dad,mum,brothers and grandmas for the good health. Also to thank God for my health too. Though many times I felt sick,God healed me.

This year, I was involved in so many projects,so many committees. But I was able to learn new skills,meet new people and interact better with people.

I got to attend 4 weddings this year which I enjoyed. Next year,more weddings to come ;).

The idea of aso-ebi and tying gele or being part of the bridal train made me also feel like I’m getting old though. (your friends are getting married,what about you).

Also,this year was tough when it came to my spiritual life. I had a lot of downs. Never been like that before. It was more like ‘spiritual depression’. People around me couldn’t see it because I still had to do my ‘work’ for God and my ‘walk’ with God was lagging behind. But now I’m a better christian. 😉

I’m also grateful for the bad times in the year…some days I had to cry, some just lay on my bed and think of life. But in all,i’m grateful.

I’m grateful for my 2 brothers(i got closer to them this year),my parents.
Grateful for my school family;my classmates,CMDA,TC,Jville,my roommates:Doreen,Moji,Janet,Bewaji and all my numerous friends.

2015 was great. 2016 will be greater!

2016 will be full of testimonies and glorious events. More of good times than bad times.
Happy New Year in advance!!

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Happy new year in advance from Perry’s Tots.

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  1. Awwwww… Oyin… Oshati mi owon. Omo ilu mi. Thank God for His Banner over you. And may God continue to uphold you as you work for things to work well for the Household of Faith in CMUL and OSMSA. Love you sister

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