Day 31: Adepero Ajayi


Hmm… 2015

What a year!

If I was asked to describe my 2015 in one word, I’ll say a year of severe learning, if there’s any word like that.

In the beginning of the year I asked myself, “What will happen to your blog?” bearing in mind the academic workload before me. I look back now and I smile, not only did I blog weekly as often as I could, I wrote fiction, I Promised series, Writing 101, NaBloPoMo series and here we are concluding 2015 edition of 31Days 31Voices.

I want to say thank you to everyone who was a guest writer on Perry’s Tots this year, especially for the 31Days 31Voices series. It was an experience! From making the series open to everyone, asking social media friends, to those that showed interest and sent in their articles to those who couldn’t meet the deadline for one reason or another, Gracias. A big thank you to all my loyal readers. Next year will be bigger and better by God’s grace!

Now let’s talk 2015…

In as much as this year hit me badly, I choose not to dwell on the bad moments but rather be thankful and grateful to God Almighty.

“Life is like a book, one bad chapter doesn’t mean the end of the book.”

I’ll start by counting my blessings;

This year, I had several learning phases; started with the electives experience , I’m glad I met Dr. Ajayi, such an amazing man. I decided that I will go out as often as I could regardless of how school went, I attended Tedx Unilag event, became a member of Mentorship for Life group where I met a fantastic group of people, I left each meeting with something new to learn and improve upon in my life.

I worked as content developer for Leading Health Nigeria, a program organized by Ebola Alert and I was a part of the social media team. The experience taught me I had the ability to do so much than I’m doing if I push myself to achieve more.

I found Omilola Oshikoya’s vlog which made me begin my quest for financial intelligence & business management this led me to apply to attend Business Skill Workshop organized by Lagos shapers, I got in and I learnt about Business strategy, I got the rare opportunity to attend the University of Liverpool Alumni Business & Career Fair, this led me to work as PA to one of the speakers and I was part of the CV clinic, I learnt how to write a proper CV and some other business stuff, after the program, I just kept saying Knowledge is power. Information is Key! I also attended an Inspired by Glory event about turning your passion into a career, this has set the motion for something explosive in my life.

This time last year, I only knew I wasn’t going to do clinical medicine but today, I know what exactly I want to do career-wise and how I want to go about it. I had a discussion with my dad to tell him my plans and dreams, which require guts to pursue; I am glad I have his support, well, a plus for having a creative Ba’ami. There’s nothing as joyful as doing what you really love! Ba’ami was all shade of awesome this year sending me nice videos, our gist et al.

I had the opportunity to volunteer to form the largest human awareness ribbon in the world to promote breast cancer awareness and serve as an advocacy platform to push the inclusion of cancer care under the universal health coverage. I also wrote Fiction dedicated to this cause titled “The Pink Diary”.

I attended Eagle Toastmasters Club in the bid to improve my public speaking ability. I had the opportunity of been invited to my secondary school to inspire the senior students. My dissertation got published.
The NGO I’m part of that was hibernated came back to life and I was made secretary, it has been very exciting and I look forward to what the new year holds for us.

I celebrated the second blogiversary of Perry’s Tots. Thank you to everyone who came around, it was so much fun. Thank you Ifeoma, Stella, Christiana, Seunfunmi, Tosin, Adura and Obinna. It felt like my birthday. Thanks for the love.

I thank God for opening my eyes to see how blessed I am with the wonderful people around me. Aunty Mayokun, Dr. Orenuga et Dr. Okulaja; thanks for believing in me and my dreams even when I feel like giving up on them. Thank you to Jawad, Mayowa, Dami Fagbemi, Temide, Folasade, Leke, Chimezie you guys are the real MVPs. I made more writer friends, I reached out a lot better this year, and I look forward to meeting more cool people. Thank you Kelia for introducing me to Afropolitan Vibes, it added colour to my year. My special roomie, Seunfunmi, you’ve got a beautiful heart, continue to love without restraint.

Thank you Stella, my Sisteh and creative partner, greater you I pray, I love you and thanks for all our waka round Lagos. Hehehe 🙂
Mr Chike, thank you for helping me create those amazing pictures for my blog, I look forward to working with you in the new year. 🙂
I’m thankful for Mr. Rufai of Inspiration FM, that’s a radio station with a difference!


I lost one of my favorite people on earth. It still hurts. I was misunderstood this year, I still don’t know why. If it’s my quietness, my not talking that irritated the person so much I don’t know. I had some very low moments this year ehn, depression struck again, I was at ground zero but thank God for Jesus in my life.


I already shared what I learnt in 2015 here. That aside, I realized I still have a lot to learn, like; talk more, share my worries with my friends, let people into my life. These are things I want to improve on in the coming year. This talking thing is like an exam for me but I’m willing to try.

In 2015, I learnt to say NO! and I found out it could be a lifesaver. No is not a bad word.


Attending Afropolitan Vibes, discovering Ojeez, watching stage plays at Terra Kulture plus book readings I attended this year. Everytime I gist with my friends is a beautiful moment. I reunited with my Godmother after about four years. Surprise dinner on Stella’s birthday, it was lovely knowing it was her best birthday yet. Every moment I spend reading blogs or books (not medical books sha) gives me a special type of excitement, I think I have an addiction.  You could see some pictures of these moments on Instagram, my handle is @adeperoajayi.

Hopes & Expectations

This is the year I’ve been waiting for, y’all have no idea what I have in store for you on this blog, God helping me.

Just like Ifeoma shared,  I want to Imagine I could achieve everything I write down and I can come back to read this list next year and compare note like I compare with my previous post, so I’m going to write;

I’ll explore the new career path I want to take.

Be more sociable.

Be happier.

I want to be able to say those things people in love say like “ You’re the best thing that ever happened to me. I love you so much. You are my best friend, confidant, my all blab la bla…” Hey Mr, if you’re reading this, I’ve being waiting when will you come and say hello and stop standing at the other side ehn. *gives side eye* 😀

I want to have a deeper relationship with God.

I want to take more control of my mind and thoughts.

I want to be able to celebrate my small successes even if they seem normal to me.

I want to be able to share my story with the world.

I want to get better with writing.

Finish writing the script I postponed writing, publishing the book I paused work on and writing the story I’ve always wanted to share with the world.

Plus many more thoughts I’m still nursing and plans God has for me because His thoughts are exceedingly abundantly above all I can ever imagine or think in 2016.

Thank you for sticking with me and my blog in 2015, it means so much to me and I love you so very much. Let’s grow and learn from eachother come 2016.

Don’t leave without dropping a comment and sharing this post! *wink*

PS: Dear reader, in 2016, invite me to stage plays, book readings, business programs/workshop, IT programs and spoken word events. Thank you. 🙂

Happy new year from Perry’s Tots. 😀

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  1. Omo! Your 2015 looks like what my 2016 should aspire to be like o…ahn ahn! So loaded. Lol. And how can you be talking of depression when you have people like me on your bbm? You need to see me for some consultations asap…hehehe. Wish you a more awesome 2016!

    1. Lol, thanks Saga. I’ll see you uncle and I hope I’ll be able to talk. 🙂 Happy new year in advance, I’ll let you know if any business program come up in 2016, do same too. Merci 😀

  2. @Saga….you can say that again…. Miss Perry ,my role model!

    “I want to be able to say those things people in
    love say like “ You’re the best thing that ever
    happened to me. I love you so much. You are
    my best friend, confidant, my all blab la bla…”
    Hey Mr, if you’re reading this, I’ve being waiting
    when will you come and say hello and stop
    standing at the other side ehn. *gives side eye*”….. I’m seriously looking forward to

    Happy new year in advance… the sky is your starting point…

  3. Ms Perry, what a year yours has been. Let me here say, “thank you Adepero.” I love to write but sharpening my business execution skills on the job and being part of an agribusiness research team launching our first innovation in Q1, 2016, takes heavy toll on writing time. Alas, it’s the frequency of your posts on perryztot that challenged me to do more with my blog, heartofdaviid. So since September I’ve been writing intentionally and in the process, I’ve broken all my previous blog records. Thank you Adepero. I read with “envy” all the business related and speaking functions you attended this year -gatherings I love to attend but ‘curiously’ in the dark on how to find any. I wish to connect on bbm with you, perhaps we can share information about these events and I can also attend…God works in mysterious ways, perhaps this

    1. It’s amazing to know how just being me has affected you positively! 😀

      I will create an event update column on the blog. Ohh yes we could talk on bbm, send your pin via mail.

      Happy new year. 🙂

  4. What a beautiful year sisteh! Thank you for everything, may God continue to grant you wisdom in all your dealings. Please don’t forget to consult uncle saga whenever you feel low, it’ll be worth it. (Saga, I’ll see you in camera for my fees…lol). Also when they are inviting you for the book readings, plays and events, don’t forget to ‘holla’. This Mr that you’re waiting for better show up, and on time too. We will be here in 2016 by God’s grace, see you next year. Oops, it’s tomorrow :).

  5. Very lovely post as expected! Ze best is kept for ze last…. Your 2015 was very cool! As for the depression part pleaseeee this coming 2016 let it not be something you will associate with. If you notice any hint Holla at me nd we’ll have icecream and work it out #icecreambuddy2016#… As for all your invites for mentorship,stage plays, public speaking and volunteering for stuff please pass on the invite,I need help in the area of public speaking in particular… I’ll be most grateful.
    Don’t worry about Mr right, I’m sure he’s somewhere very close by… When he comes you will then understand why the others weren’t the one and time won’t matter so much cause you will know that you have a lifetime to spend with him.

    1. Yaay!!! Kick out depression 2016!

      I’m going to open an event column on the blog so we all can share and learn from one another. I’m patient as always oh.

      Thank you for the ice cream in advance! 😀

  6. See now that’s a year. If I have a year this big, I’ll be so happy. I like how you volunteer for everything. Your CV will be packed full and according to my priest, that’s how to take control of your happiness. Have an even bigger next year.

  7. Dear Sparkles…first of all I want to say thank you. Your blog has inspired me. As you recently found out, I write *winks*. But I must confess, I’m not very ‘outward’about it. Waiting for the ‘right’ moment, I guess(another thing I’m still learning…carpe diem!). Taking inventory for this ‘past’ year is scary…cos we all seem to have achieved nothing…and everything. You’re brave. You’re kind. You talk more than before. Don’t be hard on yourself…we get better everyday. NB-You ‘slyed’ me this year…next year,do include me on your Lagos waka.I love to explore.Much love.

  8. Someone will see u now and think u cant talk.. Shior…… U have gingered me to read and write more….. And i saw the first person u thanked up there oh… We shall discuss dat again later

  9. Happy new year guys! Miss Pero, this is a Beautiful article!!! Keep flying and never stop…
    Please don’t forget to holler at me too, for I enjoyed every bit of the book reading we attended together. @ youngblackwoman, hey! winking at you from behind, you and Pero seem to have forgotten your third waka partner. Anyway, well done Mrs Pero and enjoy every bit of 2016!! Please let me quickly check my food. “Smiles”

  10. Mz Perry! All these ur fantastic outings, and I’m the girl next door whose social life is yelling for help. And ur writing.. It gets more brilliant each time. Thumbs up girl!

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