While in senior secondary school, after accepting everyone’s request I went to science class instead of art that I desired, the numerous exams I had to write to gain admission into the university became topmost  in my heart, and I began to ask myself, “what do you want to study in the university and how do you go about it?”
Well, it was medicine he wanted and I thought pharmacy as second choice, I loved chemistry. It was definitely going to be University of Lagos or no other, at least I get to decide the school I go to even if I don’t get to decide the course.

I began to hear the rules:

-If you want to enter Unilag, you must fill it in as first choice of university you want when you fill your JAMB form.

-You must know someone. Etc

We all heard several things about how we could get into university but I was clueless about what it took to become a doctor or a pharmacist in University of Lagos.

I remember staying glued to my radio one cool evening as I listened as a doctor was been interviewed, she wasn’t even asked about being a doctor but I hoped she would say what you had to do or go through to be called a doctor. My heart broke after the program, she didn’t mention anything about her journey.

Thanks to my friend turned sister, Faderera Oyedele, she was already in Unilag studying radiography, I would visit her on some weekends when she came home. When my Jamb results came out, she was the one who told me how much work I had to do to get into Unilag and study medicine. We both enjoyed our company as she shared of ‘Mr. Cadava’ and told me of the numerous muscles that were in the hand, and all her lecturers expected of her. I only smiled and marvelled at how such expectations were outrageous.

She wasn’t studying medicine but she had friends who were and Fade will say, “Pero, you will get tired along the journey, it is your passion that will keep you going.” Then I began to ask myself, what was passion? Story for another

I began to wonder, what if I didn’t have Fade, I’ll be totally clueless about what it entailed and what I had to do, considering the fact I knew no one who had studied medicine. Nothing to prepare me for the clueless journey I was about to embark on.

I had the intention of sharing my journey here after my final exams, but as I prepared for my examination through the rigour and fatigue, I sighed, “My MBBS Journey ” and I remembered me as a SS3 students clueless about what it entailed to become a doctor, just like I don’t know what it entails to become a pilot. Most of us found out when we were already in the journey and everyone’s journey is different in med school.


Hence, I present my amazing colleagues, CLASS OF 2015, THE ROYALS, as many of us shall share our journey and memories in the sojourn with you. Sit back, relax, read, laugh, and enjoy. 


Series starts on 1st of April, 2016 by 12pm.


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