Day 9: Queen Idowu Dabiri #MyMBBsJourney

Warning: This is an abridged article. The writer of this article did this in the best interest of the readers to prevent them from being glued to their computer gadgets reading thousands of pages of GOD’s faithfulness. Just take a look at her, she is a living testimony of the living GOD…

In the year 2008, I graduated from Queen’s College, Yaba, the best secondary school in Nigeria, infact the world. I am not stretching it by saying that, really QC girls are world-class champions. iRepQC anyday anytime.

Like every young brilliant Nigerian secondary school leaver, I had thought that my admission to a Nigerian University for my choice of study was going to be immediate. Was it not just to write UME (in our days, it was called this and not UTME) and POST-UME? Long story cut short, my name was not on the first, second, third, or xth list for Medicine. I was devastated. My parents did not like the idea of Diploma. So yes, I am a survivor of being jammed by JAMB. In my annoyance, I could not wait to leave Nigeria. I did my SAT1, SAT2, TOEFL and wrote my essays. I got good scores but I had my fears. You do not need rocket science to tell you that I did not go to any American University.

The next year, I got myself ready for JAMB. I was ready for war! I read like ‘kilode’. PostUME nko? One of my neighbours saw me that year and the next thing he asked me was, “Are you in medical school?” It was in our year that UNILAG started the computer-based tests. Don’t mess around with us, a ti dagba o. While I was writing my exams, my mother was firing prayers in a Church. #thepowerofaprayingmother. First list came out and yours truly was on the list for Medicine and Surgery. I was so grateful to GOD. I was now studying Medicine and Surgery.

Registration was stressful, lectures nko? DLI was something else but in the end we crossed over to Idi-Araba. The major part of Akoka for me was not the lectures, it was MSSF (Medical Science Students’ Fellowship). Kind of fresh from secondary school with only experience in CRK and maybe some experience in taking care of my Sunday school children in my home Church, how was I going to cope as the Vice President of the fellowship? I made a couple of mistakes but GOD was always there to lift me up. Love feast, HolyGhost service, thanksgiving were some of the great experiences in Akoka. When I crossed over to Idi-Araba, it took me awhile before I joined any fellowship. One day, a senior colleague of mine said, “Don’t be long before you join a fellowship, yes you might be enjoying your personal fellowship with GOD but don’t take for granted corporate anointing.” I joined RCF (Redeemed Christian Fellowship) after and I never regretted it. I was also a member of CMDA-S (Christian Medical and Dental Association – Students’ arm) and in these two bodies, I saw GOD.
For me, medical school was like pregnancy – not that I have been pregnant before. What I mean is this, a woman is pregnant for an average of 9months. Labour sets in at the end and then during those hours of painful, palpable and progressive uterine contractions (lol), she starts asking herself why she got pregnant. During that period, some women go as far as tell their husbands that they are not getting pregnant again. On seeing the baby however, the story changes and the pain is forgotten. And they do not know when and how they get back to the delivery room for another baby. Medical school was fun; it had the good, the bad and the ugly moments. So much to laugh about yet so much to cry about. I will just share a couple of words GOD gave me during medical school especially during the challenging periods. These words kept me.

• Don’t dwell on mistakes you make, learn your lessons and move on.

• Do not use scientific reasoning, research and logic as the basis to answer Life’s questions, always be led by the HOLY SPIRIT.

• Even if man does not reciprocate your kindness, GOD will.

•Wisdom from GOD and obedience to GOD, work hand-in-hand to bring forth good success.

• Sometimes, we are blinded by doubts, fears, worries etc that we do not realize that we are getting closer to our blessing. We start worrying, blaming GOD and telling HIM that HE is not capable, meanwhile, HE has finished HIS work already and HE is just waiting for the appointed time.

• At times, we face challenges so that we can truly appreciate our blessings when we receive them.

• Do not just put all ABOUT yourself into GOD’s hands without putting all OF yourself. Let your trust be 100%.

• No matter what, when GOD is to uplift a man, no one can stop it.

• GOD protects every of HIS work.

• No matter how the LORD talks to you, take HIM seriously. Don’t doubt GOD’s WORD to you. It could save generations and you might not know.

• Until you accept that you are the created and GOD, the creator, you cannot fully live your life’s purpose.

•Be humble.

• Do not judge or predict your outcome by people’s experiences.

• You need to stop pleasing everyone, trying to please everyone or basing your life on what others think.

• Procrastination is a liar, thief and kill-not. It tells you that you can be/do something tomorrow when you can actually be/do that thing today.

I decided to share these things instead of the memories.
I actually enjoyed medical school. I enjoyed the academic activities and the extracurricular.
I enjoyed going to Chapel after each incourse and after each result to thank GOD for them whether good or bad. I can remember how unsure I was in part 1 when I was telling GOD I was going to do that. I was so scared that I might get busy as the years go on but here I am at the end of the road and I don’t think I missed anyone.
I enjoyed all the tasks I was given and able to accomplish. I enjoyed having schoolmates that became friends and then family. I enjoyed all the ROYALSXV activities.

I enjoyed my ‘D-Family Study group’ and the funny places we read.

I enjoyed the wonderful roommates I had.

I enjoyed fellowship and the family I had in the members.

I enjoyed the laughter, the tears, the struggle, the love, the lessons, the drills, the endurance training, the faith, the everything that I experienced in these 6.5years of studying Medicine.
Most especially, I enjoyed GOD. As our MSSF leader used to say, “whatever you do, make sure you get GOD”. By GOD’S s grace and mercy, I can say I got GOD but most especially HE got me.
To my dad, mom and brother, GOD bless you. May HE keep you. Now it’s the time to finally wear the gown. I have been waiting for it for a while now.

One thing I realized about medical school is this: it is not about how good you are academically, neither is it about how religious you are, it is all by the mercy and grace of GOD. 
This is the summary of the matter: GOD is faithful and HE has great plans for all HIS children. All you need do is trust and obey HIM and you would be shocked at how your life turns out. Even as the page is turned and a new chapter starts, the constant in my life would always remain: GOD, my lover and best friend.

With Love:
Dr Dabiri I.O.
Instagram: idabs5

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  1. Awww!!!! My bff of life this was uplifting and inspiring.Good job dear! Love ya♡♡♡♡♡♥ You are a wonderful person and I would always appreciate God for letting you meet me and have such wonderful impact on my life.*Kisses

  2. Wow, I really enjoyed reading this and it has given me hope as I read for my resit exam, All I need is to trust God.

  3. wow this great if I didn’t know you would think you where lying, but it’s evident that’s God’s grace on you and your family.
    I use this medium to tap into the blessings God’s had given you and I pray for a testimony like this someday keep it up the sky is just the beginning.

  4. wow this great if I didn’t know you would think you where lying, but it’s evident that’s God’s grace on you and your family.
    I use this medium to tap into the blessings God’s had given you and I pray for a testimony like this someday keep it up the sky is just the beginning.

  5. Waoh….. Ur mbbs story is great. God is indeed a faithful father. God’s best Dr Dabiri.Greater height ijn. More beautiful testimonies ijn. Continually enjoy God’s grace nd favour. Much Love dear

  6. Hello, I’m Emmanuel, 100l MBBS student and i am also the present president of MSSF. we would like to use your MBBS story as one of our MSSF publications. i am asking for the permision to do so. i will be glad if i get a positive response. thank you. you can get through to me with this number 08056854660 or 08101971176 or my email or through MSSF IG handle.

    you are so easy to love…

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