Day 13: Queen Sandra Akinde #MyMBBSJourney

I just want to start this article with my gratitude to Perry’s Tots for featuring me and also I want to express my gratitude to my heavenly Father for all the blessings He bestowed upon me. “Thank you DADDY” Ok so I am going to recount my MBBS journey so hold on tight and let us enjoy this ride. 🙂

My first year began with the registration activity. I met so many people, who went on to become  very important people in  my jouney to become a doctor. The registration was a torrid affair, lots of emotions were emanated so all I can say is that it was a bitter-sweet experience. The most important part of year 1 journey was DLI (this was where I met Taiwo Agbaosi aka Teemama (my bestie), Idowu Dabiri (my bff), Adaugo, Laju,Taofeeq, Idris, Shittu Yusuf, Balikis, Kunle Surulere and some other peeps that were very integral to my life .Sometimes we used to compete for seats in front so we can hear and focus better and argue too because loyal friends kept seat for each other (Odufuwa Azeez kept for me and Teemama). Great times indeed, these were the moments that brought us together and when we passed to on to the next level we were quite happy.

Second year was the hardest year for me, new courses, new people, new environment, new emotions *wink*. It was quite scary though! I met and made new friends such as Iwalewa ,Tobi, Tope, Anuoluwapo (Fruity), Vicky,Tolafunmi,Seyi, Jesufemi and others. All great people that were ready to help anytime  and anyday. We had great times in Old Great Hall. We got to  know each other better with the help of anatomy lab dissection, physiology lab and biochemistry lab. We worked really hard to pass these subjects but in the end only a lucky few were able to get onto the next level. These were trying times indeed. Lost a lot of good friends as a result of those events. 🙁

Third year was quite interesting, this was more overhelming and I got to be more focused than ever because then I realised that medical school was no joke. I dedicated a lot of time in the library and made reading buddies such as Moshood, AbdulRahman, AbdulAzeez, GKK and the rest.These people were half responsible for my success in the exams and we moved on to the next together. Again we lost some good people over how tough and unfair medical school is sometimes. However we rejoiced  for those who proceeded onto the next and cried for those who didn’t .

Fourth year was one of a kind, we finally were introduced to clinical work and I was made the leader through very interesting circumstances. My people were usual people that I was had been with because of our matriculation numbers. This was the year I got to know them better Sike, Shade, Pero(Ms perry), Tolu Alli, Bisoye, Akinbola Taiwo, Seye etc.  It was quite an interesting experience because we clashed most of the time over my leadership and made up afterwards. Half way through the clinical rotations, we merged with another set and I was  named an overwhole leader. This was very hard for me but I did my best and as always got to know and befriend peeps like Akhaze Ricky(my co leader), Toke, Samuel, Tomiwa and Ayodele.We had very nice times together and I enjoyed their company a lot. We wrote our exams and we all moved to the next level.

Fifth year was kind of my year of exploration. I tried my hands in other endeavours such as volunteering, sports, improving my social life and some other extra curricular activities. I really enjoyed this period with friends, acquintances and classmates. We had lots of bonding activities that we all enjoyed and made memorable memories. The results as always were new friends such as Doris Ofoeze,P intos, MaryJane, Sisi Anu(best make up artist), Chisom and so other many people.

Final year…..this was quite demanding, my extra curricular activities, my love life, my social life suffered as I couldn’t dedicate much time to it anymore. This was a mixture of funny, sad, happy, amusing and annoying moments. I was made a leader twice in Medicine and Pediatrics despite all my protests. Thank God I was able to run away from the other two.  I was really stressed out so much that I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it. When the professional exam date was set I wanted to kill myself because I thought I wasn’t ready. I continued with my group discussions and even joined more, I read continuously and even stopped watching movies, series, listening to music and limited my social media. I thank God my health was getting better and my brain seemed to be retaining something afterall.

As the days approached I was more and more scared and finally when it came I was mortified, as the exams started everything passed as if it was a dream, time flew by and before I knew what was happening I wrote my last Paper . After exams I got into my usual mood of depression because of all the questions I missed and remembered afterwards, will beat myself up and everything. After a while I will distract myself with social media, movies or volunteer work. Then will be dreading the day the results are out.

When the results came out I was sleeping when my bestie Teemama called and screamed I was a doctor. I couldn’t believe my ears was numb with excitement.

I AM A DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The fact remains that my Mbbs journey was long, exciting, stressful, exhausting, sad and funny but the success is not complete or meaningful without the people who contributed to your success.

I want to appreciate Adepoju Tosin( my group study leader), Ms Perry,I saac Ogunmola (my reading partner), Idowu dabiri(my bff), Doris Ofoeze, Ifedayo, Teju, Bukky, Nehi,Tope Awala, Habeeb, Agoha and of course Teemama(bestie). There are so many other people who made this happen and I pray they will all be blessed.

Fb: Sandra Akinde

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