Day 17: Queen Adepoju Oluwatosin #MyMBBSJourney

Hello everyone, I’m Adepoju Oluwatosin popularly called Adepee (I don’t even know how the name came up sef) I will be telling you a little about my journey through med sch, I am not so much of a writer but I hope you enjoy it.

Becoming a doctor had always been what I wanted so it was not too much of a stress filling my Jamb form. Though I got discouraged after my first Jamb with a score of 190 but thanks to my mum who encouraged me to fill MBBS again the second time and Glory to God I got in that year and the journey began.


Registration was kind of stressful and that DLI hall where we received lecture is a place to remember, you wake up very early to get there, stand for about 30min before they will open the door and then we will all rush in as if our lives depended on the seat we get, then you struggle to hear the lecturer peradventure you find yourself at the back or there is no light. Through all of these, thank God I made it to College of Medicine Idi-araba. My roommates in 100l were wonderful people, 8-manroom became 12-manroom but it was fun sha, can’t forget when one of my roommates wanted to commited suicide, thank God she was rescued. 100l ended in a happy mood cos I crossed.

200L started after sitting at home for about 3 months, remember my first day in gross lab (anatomy lab), that was my first time of seeing a dead person, I was so scared, I almost cried or did I cry, can’t remember jare. Anatomy lab was interesting to me as I disturb the the group rep then, he was always frustrated by alot of questions asked as he was always the one disecting most of the time. People like myself will never disect o yet we will use our mouth to find all the muscles, nerves, arteries etc. Biochemistry lab was something I never understood, we shall did it sha. Physiology as a subject was one I enjoyed most as it explained how the body function. I thought I knew anatomy so well until my first CA result came out and I had 46, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I went back to the hostel and I prayed to God never to fail again and to help me read with understanding & zeal and pass with grace. Who says God does not answer prayers cos I’ve got a testimony here: He answered me o.
The beautiful thing about med sch is that as you continue the journey you understand you get to understand what the journey is all about.

I thought 200l was stressful until 300l started and I realised the more courses i had to offer, labs to go for, presentations to prepare for and a whole lot of other things to do. I also became an exco in my fellowship which had a lot of strict rules and regulations which further helped to make me a better person. This class was the busiest for me but God helped me through. I remember one of my classmate praying for trumpet to sound so  we won’t have to write prose but for where. I wrote prose and glory to God I passed and moved to the next class

This class was a relief from the stressful 300l, clinical work was all we had to do, less reading and there was no serious exam at the end of the year. I will never forget my medicine posting where this particular day i decided to do good girl and showed up in clinic alone. That day, this professor of cardiology almost finished me with questions after I thought I had a beautiful clerking; I guess she forgot I was just a 400l student. As if that was not enough, she then started asking me questions on current affairs of which I had no answer to also. That day I realized there was more I needed to know apart from medical stuff.
It was in this class I started committing each posting in God’s hands, breaking through in prayers and running with God’s word for the class so I’m not stressed at the end of the year and it did paid off.

The beginning of this class didn’t sound medical initially but with time it got interesting. It was a different kind of medicine, the policy making, preventive and administrative part of medicine. I really enjoyed this class because it was more about the community, we had to leave sch a lot of times to do things in the community. I also did my project in this class on cervical cancer and pap smear. Wrote exams then moved on to do anaesthesia, opthalmology and psychiatry postings. Then I also did my elective.



This was a class we all longed to get to and glory to God I did, everybody expected so much from you all because you are a final year medical student.
Imagine o, this is the final class which am suppose to remember well and I’m stuck on what to write, hmmm….. I think I should just go to vote of thanks.
Want to appreciate my parent, all the wonderful people I’m surrounded with including my group discussion partners, my lecturers.
Everybody that was part of my life in med sch, God bless you sooooo much, for your love, encouraging words, prayers, exam brethen and so on. I love you sooooo much
So in summary this journey of mine was wrapped up in grace it won’t have been possible without God.

It was God all the way.

Lesson learnt from writing this: Procrastination is bad, just do what you have to do on time. I’m sure it is only Pero that will understand this.

Fb: Oluwatosin Adepoju

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