Day 21: Queen Jesufemi #MyMBBSJourney

Thank You Queen Pero for this opportunity given me.

My MBBS journey has been a very interesting one. I’d try to touch it all.. in summary It’s been my place of growth.Each year, each class ,each person I  have met has not left me the same way.

My journey through the medical school started with a young and ambitious Ibadan Princess who was excited for finally crossing over to the Great College of Medicine from Diploma and had mixed feelings about moving to a new place and how to cope with the work load. Starting out my goals were to excel at and enjoy the medical school experience ,to be happy, share my smile and get ready for the future. I was clueless about how I was going to achieve them.

As academic work started I settled in quite well. Sleepless nights, medical terminologies, large textbooks,long classes,seminars, group work,labs learning from the “stuff movers and shakers”soon became the order of the day. Making new friends was a high point for me..It made the whole process more interesting. It got more  challenging as each level went by but it also got more practical and interesting.   Preparing for and writing the professionals exams were one of the most hectic times of the medical school. Days results came out too weren’t so funny either. Thank God for sailing through.

The Medical school experience for me has been a growth process I’m grateful for. Participating in other non academic activities from fellowship to social to political to business activities were eye openers for me. It was not smooth throughout. Somedays I cried my eyes out and the days I laughed so hard, some days not having enough some other days in overabundance. Each day filled with varying emotions and experiences Thank God good days outnumber the bad days.

Amazing Family members, my sisterroommates, friends turned family, the Royal XV family of Kings and Queens and senior and junior colleagues have made me grow This space isn’t enough to name all my Gees..From our gisting, group chats,outings,eating together, evening strolls,”whyning, jokes”, intellectual conversations,arguments I’ve learnt to laugh out loud(stop being b uptight),keep good company, and seek knowledge from those who know better, to understand varying personalities.I’ve learnt the importance of being principled and having a strong character, being a team player and a hard worker.

Venturing into various “side hustles”  made me discover my Business side.It’s been interesting so far; learning and earning taking risks,making mistakes and learning from them.The importance of entrepreneurship and multiple income streams can’t be overemphasised.I’m not giving up.Watch this space.

Above all things I have learnt the importance of a personal relationship with God. Jesufemiju; no gain saying but indeed Jesus Loves me. He loves you too.Medical school has been a first hand experience of grace and mercy.

I’ve learnt to add compassion to care and to trust that I’d make a Great doctor with some extra training. I have learnt to not be scared of the potentials deposited in me or hide them but to tap into and use them wisely. I’ve learnt to face my fears and work on my weaknesses instead of making excuses for them. Ive learnt to accept my wrongs and make amends. I’ve learnt to love and to enjoy being loved. I’ve learnt to value relationships and  treat people with respect and dignity. I’ve learnt to pray and have faith.

The young pretty princess of 6yrs ago has given way to the young pretty Queen in the RoyalsXV Dynasty. Medical school is over and I have my  smile (I hope I shared it with you) and a lot of lessons too. But it’s just the beginning it’s still a growth process mentally, emotionally, spiritually, socially ,physically and it’s not going to be easy but I’m ready to take on responsibility of the Kingdom.

So you, yes You reading  this!!Don’t give up yet, Trust the growth process, Remember we can’t become what we want by remaining where we are. Let out growth game stay strong. The world awaits us.

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