Day 22: King Opeyemi Adebayo #MyMBBSJourney


Young and pretty green
On a career however, keen
Spurred by the whim of the moment
I was swayed by opinions of the experient

So began an itinerary to stardom
Finally [a prince] in a royal kingdom
A long walk to freedom
Alas, for the sake of martyrdom

Really, it wasn’t that dire
Though certain moments seemed like a fire
The heat of it, marrow deep
Cos God’s got me, I didn’t lose sleep

Like an abused spouse
Who refuses to leave the house
Enduring the pressure and the pain
So the love of medicine is; insane

That love I came to embrace
Shared with royalty of the same race
Made a lot of it while it lasted
And in many photographs, memories were created

To the awesome bodies1
With whom I shared my joys and burdens
Grateful am I for the opportunities to serve2
They really helped strengthen my nerve

The great 809810 crew
Times with you I wish anew
Also, Jibo, Tommy and Sammy J
Fellas with whom I’ll always play

Seyi, Tomi, and Olanrewaju
I will always love you
You were the best part of my MBBS story
And I can hear you say, to God be the glory

1. CACYOF, Writers’ Club, CMDA, MJCF, Orators Club
2. CACYOF, Writers’ Club, MJCF

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