Day 23: King Yusuf Shittu #MyMBBSJourney

How does one fit a 6 year tale into one page? How does one summarize loads of experiences, trials, memories – good and bad, into one story? Such is the task Perry’s tots places before me. Before you suggest things like ‘reduce font size’ or something, I’ll try to make this quick.


The past 6 years of my life in medical school have been the most eventful – a mosaic packed with life lessons and experiences; sweet and sour. Good enough, experiences teach us several lessons – some you learn from and change, others you accept as who you are and those you just won’t stop falling victim of. I believe it would be most appropriate to reminisce in this manner.

I remember how reserved and timid I was before I got into the university. It was a serious struggle being myself much less being in front of other people. I was speaking to one of my secondary school teachers recently and it only took her 5 minutes to tell the difference. My experiences in school have built me into a confident and grounded individual ready to take on the world.

Interestingly, I discovered many sides to who I am during the course of these 6 years. I realized MB; BS wasn’t enough to survive in the real world quite early, so I made efforts to develop personal skills in various areas. I was probably a Jack of all trades at many points but I thank God I survived by His grace. When you begin to have trouble fitting your resume into three pages, then you know you have tried. I had volunteered, headed several committees and associations, compered events, learned to design and communicate efficiently – verbal and written, asides the usual clinical and research skills I learnt in school. I even acted in a stage play and coached a football team once…lol. The school indeed passed through me, abeg!
I had a lot of fun memories and I met great people too. I most probably spent a third of my pocket money going to new places and being adventurous. I also shared some very precious memories with quite a number of people too – Ladi, Obinna, Maryam, Pero, Toke, Sa’adat, Bubu, Famlek, Khadijah would count as most notable. Between those people I’ve shared some of my biggest laughs. I am also humbled and happy to know I have been a part of the progress of quite a number of people too especially my juniors. I have always loved to influence people positively in my own little way.


Now I should reckon my academic experiences too, last because they weren’t the most remarkable. I just remember the hardship it took getting an MBBS and it makes me even rue what is ahead of me the more. Nights upon nights of hardwork, hardwork staying awake in classes, reading and remembering…serious hardwork! I almost gave up at many points but thank God for His sufficient grace and for support from my folks and friends. Thank God for writing and good music too for helping to alleviate the stress most times. I’ll just dump my books on some nights, write and play music and even sleep for most of the night, and people would be there hailing me as efiko. Lol, if only they knew!

I leave medical school, after 6 good years with the lofty MB;BS in the kitty and even more, I leave in acknowledgement of the fact that the journey has only begun. MB;BS as I was once told is our license to only begin to learn medicine. I leave in acceptance of the many things I could hardly change despite my efforts – lateness, procrastination and sleep; gosh, I really need to do something about my sleep! The sad thing is these problems are tied to one another, so solving one may likely solve all. 6 years down the line, I know I’m not where I need to be but I’m much better than I used to be – What is life without strife?

My conclusion – MB;BS is not the journey, the journey begins right after.

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