Gracias Royals et Perry’s Tots Famille

Hello fam, how are we faring, I missed you and the series seemed so loooong or was it just me, anyways, I have you back to myself alone. Lol.
I want to thank my colleagues who took time and energy to be a part of this series, words can’t describe, I’m sure someone read and took one of these decisions; study medicine, continue on the MBBS journey with strength rejuvenated or turn away from medicine; whichever, you’ve touched lives. For people who really wanted to be a part but couldn’t, you could send and have it featured in the testimony column of the blog. (Don’t see me on the road and ask me why I didn’t tell you something is going on here, you can subscribe via mail and get insiders gist and awoof that is coming up soon, scroll down, don’t carry last.)
I want to say a very big thank you to Chike for his support in making this series a success, from teaching me graphics designing and learning with the pictures I used for the publicity, to experimenting and creating, to your invaluable time and advice, God enlarge your territory. Clears throat He is one of the best you can ever get, it’s just the truth, check him out here , you could also apply to his graphic designing classes (You’ll get a certificate) you really want to apply trust me, his fees are affordable too.
I really love the message I sent to request my colleagues to be a part of this and I’m going to drop it here for future reference, I wished someone sent me that.
Thank you for reading, liking and sharing the posts, God bless you, I hope to share your story too if you’ll let me in the testimony column of this blog. All you have to do is send me a mail of your testimony, if you want to be anonymous fine, I just believe strongly that our stories and lives can give hope to someone else.
I really want to say this, “Be proud of your story, your scars and your past; embrace it because it doesn’t define your future. We’ve got just one life to live and we should all learn to tell our stories. I promise to tell mine more often with all the vulnerability too.

Tell me you love our new location, it’s still under construction though!
Live. Love. Inspire.

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