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Hello everyone, how have we all been doing? I’m sorry for my unexplained absence, I’m glad I’m back now. I hope you forgive me. I’m glad I am back and plans will become reality soon enough. Today’s post is by my good friend, Ogundeko Temitope it corroborated my thoughts. Enjoy and share your thoughts. Kindly subscribe to my mailing list, freebies are coming in June 2016, you sure don’t want to miss it!

She sat all alone,
Her heart troubled by the vicissitudes of life,
She’s young, she’s energetic, she’s true, she’s naïve,
So, why the trouble you might wonder…

She remembered her growing up,
She remembered how bitter she was towards everyone,
She remembered how her father despised her,
How her momma never believed in her,
How her brother set her up,
And how her life was just an absolute chaotic confinement.

She remembered how crushed her self esteem was,
How little she ever thought of herself.
She remembered how she always thought suicide would be the best way to end the pain,
And if possible get sympathy from anyone.
All she wanted was someone to love her in sincerity or at least take cognizance of her existence.
She remembered how dark the road was,
And how it never seemed deliverance would come

She craved love,
She craved friendship,
She craved intimacy,
She craved a listening ear,
All she wanted was someone who would ease this pain,
Someone to hold and cherish her
Someone to tell her everything would be alright.

Too many times she trusted,
Too many times she got hurt.
Too many times she found friendship,
Too many times she found it a farce.
She poured out her heart and soul yearning to love and be loved,
Waking up each morning with groanings and in anguish.
But life dealt unfairly with her naivety
And many times cheated her of the sincerity of her heart.

She gave herself to academics and excelled,
Hoping to get the attention of somebody, anybody
Yet, all who ever noticed her were her teachers.
They kept telling her she would excel
But how could one with no future excel?
How could one whose very existence was not worthy of recognition soar?
How would a life so void, so empty, so passive rise above the storms life always brought?

She had kept herself,
But she began to wonder if it was worth it.
She was always in lack.
She always was in pain.
Yet, those who kept chains of boyfriends seemed to have it all.
Why was life so unfair she always asked!

Many nights she cried herself to bed.
Waking up each morning in sorrow wondering how she survived the night.
She was cranky and her friends would always wonder why she was so “saucy”.
If only any one had cared enough to know what she was going through.
Each day was a struggle, but each day she survived it.
Not with enthusiasm but with a nagging burden to leave this realm to the great beyond.

And then she came to the end of herself…
She had had enough of life and was ready to let go.
It was well planned.
She would end her life tonight!
Enough is enough…

Then she met Him!
Her heart skipped a beat doubting if such a Man ever existed.
He loved her genuinely but she had been deceived too many times.
She turned Him down but He never gave up on her.
He tendered His all to her yet she rejected Him.
She wasn’t gonna rely on nobody anymore.
The tortures had shred every part of her soul leaving her empty,
She wasn’t gonna go through that horrendous path again!

Yet, He didn’t give up on her.
He kept knocking on the door of her heart,
Pleading that she opens up to Him.
He would look into her eyes lovingly yet piercing the depths of her soul.
She saw in Him a dimension of love so indescribable.
She saw hope in Him.
But could she trust Him?
Fear replaced her doubts…
Would He do to her what they did to her?
Would He leave her when she needed Him the most?

And then she gave in!
Oh! She was glad she did.
He showed her that it was just for her He died,
So He can bring her to intimacy with the Father.
He showed her that she didn’t need to go through life’s twirls alone,
If she would let Him.

He transformed her.
He purified her,
He sanctified her.
He made her whole again.
She became radiant and the lady who gave up on life became one who gave life to others.

Yes, the storms still arise but now she has the strength to withstand them.
Yes, the furnace was still so hot,
But in Him she found solace and grace to push on.
Yes, life looked so hard,
But in Him she found a brand new perspective to life
And she saw that in Him you can play the game life deals you while taking charge of the game.
Oh yes, the wilderness experience sometimes come
But in Him she sees the manna that falls.
And yes, she gets stuck between the red sea and the chariots of war,
Still He parts the stormy sea just for her.

What kind of love is this? She asks
This love so pure,
this love so true,
this love so divine,
this love so intense!
He says to her, “Come to Me, you who are struggling and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, because I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your soul. For My yoke is easy, and My burden is light.”

Many times life deals us with turbulence and we wonder if it pays to stand on the path of righteousness.
Many times like her, we are ready to give up on life and we hold our head in despair.
Many times we’re frustrated with the tempo our life has taken and are ready to throw in the towel.
Many times we’re in situations where hope is lost and solutions are not forthcoming.
Many times it seems like its much more than we can bear.
Many times the worst of life that can happen to us has happened and we wonder what’s next.

But I tell you,
When things go wrong as they sometimes will,
Don’t give up though the pace seem slow, you might succeed with another blow.
There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, hang on!
Imagine if Namaan only dipped in the Jordan six times then how would his healing have been perfected?
Imagine if you wrote all your exams but the final paper, then how would you have graduated?
Remember how many times you wanted to give up but held on,
The benefits that came with that decision.
So why give up now, when you’re almost at the end of the race?
You’ve come too far to let go…

He has said that there’s always a way of escape for every darkness and gloom,
So relax!
Trust Him, trust His Word! Prove Him!

There still is hope beyond the scope of human limitations…

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