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Hello amazing Perry’s Tots family, I’m so sorry we had to go on a compulsory break, life happened and I’m grateful for every experience and lesson I’ve learnt in the past months, I choose to look at the bright side of it all; it only means I have plenty gist for you and loads of blog post ideas. I’ve missed you! Before you continue reading, I have a request; it would make my day if you oblige me. This is my request, whisper this to someone around you; “Perry’s Tots is back!”

I want us to play catch up; below is a post I shared about a month ago on our Facebook page, a fictional summary of what I’ve been up to. If you missed this juicy gist, Like Perry’s Tots Facebook page so you don’t carry last next time.


Inspired by the movie…The Beast of No Nation.

It is starting like this…

The first part of my medical school journey is coming to an end and I have big exams to write in February; and I have to read big big books. I am having ideas of things to do after school. I am a good girl and I read my books and join study group because I want to pass.
Sometimes my lecturers talk like they want us all to fail and I am not liking their manner of talking, always saying we are not serious and we are not reading our book. I am thinking in my mind, the educational system in my country is not good and I cannot allow my children to go through this with the way they are treating us.

Sometimes, I am anxious, but my bible is always saying you should not be an anxious but by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving I should let my request be known to God. We have prayer meeting when the big exams are here, God is liking music more than just talking so when we are singing and dancing He will be listening to us well well, so we sang and dance well well at Hall 36 carpark.

I like to be writing and putting it on the internet on my blog but when the exams are coming, my big books did not give me time. When I am reading my books, I am remembering my readers and missing them so much and I am thinking of all the things I will do after my exams.

I am also falling in love.

My classmates are doing as if we are in a competition, I am wondering why, and this is how it is starting…
People are slying each other and making new friends and I am seeing all the deceit and greed in their eyes. Day one of the exam came and we match to the exam, by the second day all the other days were just passing before my eyes. On the last day, I walk out of the exam hall and I say to myself; I have finish school, I am a graduate. Everyone has been asking when I will finish and start collecting salary. I smile and walk to my hostel and I try not to think about the result because this school is unpredictable and anything can happen.

I feel like I want to talk to God about many things like my result, the person I am falling in love with, about my ideas that are bugging my head like bedbug when I sleep and all the things I want. My sister has been talking to me about camp since January, so I follow her. I am seeing plenty young people like me who want to talk to God too, my life changed from the camp and my result is released, I have to rewrite one paper.
Sometimes, I am thinking about my result at the camp and what I have to read but I am not afraid. I just want to take things one after the other so that I am not going to be afraid. The person I am falling in love with is making it bearable. He comes to visit me often and we gist and laugh every week at least, He is making me very happy and we are becoming very good friends.

Before the result was released, I carry my blog planner and write everything I want to do this year and I want to be learning how to design fine fine pictures for my blog. I asked one of my friends and he was happy to be teaching me. I changed my blog to website and I did a series, in the month of May of the exam, I did not have time to be writing but my friend agreed to be writing on it but my phone have spoil and I did not have a good internet, so I am taking a break and just breathe.

People who see me are asking what is happening to me, I say nothing but they keep asking and I begin to wonder if something is wrong with me but I am liking the quietness in my life. I am becoming closer to one of my friends and I am liking it very much. She is helping me with questions about the person I am falling in love with and she is giving me advice.

I am not liking that my blog is there without much things going on but I have big plans and somethings are stopping me but I am having hope. My friend is telling me always, hope does not disappoint.

I am wondering why the prayer group did not ask us to meet to pray about the exam again but I am praying for everybody to God to be helping us and guiding us with what we are about to be doing.

We finished the exams and I begin to thank God for the opportunity and the man he is using to help me pass my exam. When the results are release, I see my name among the people who have pass. I am very happy and I am singing and dancing again because that is what God is liking.

I am now a doctor and I am working on my blog because singing and dancing has made God to bless me with a phone I can use while I get a new phone. The person I am loving has genotype AS and I have genotype AS, I want to marry him but he is saying he cannot do it because of our children. I am saying with technology it is possible but he is not agreeing.
I am singing and dancing to God to give me a job and a good man but I am feeling he is not in this country…

Moving forward, I want to say a big thank you to Mr. Kayode Johnson and Dr. Chike Opara for their support so far in making the blog beautiful.

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What have you been up to?
How has life been?
What do you want to see on the blog?

I love you!

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  1. Sha don’t marry genotype AS Doctors can know all the technologies and methods to circumvent things like this

    Welcome back, Perry!!!!!! Anticipating #LoveThroughMyEyes

  2. I am liking this one very much andand since I know that you’ll be writing some more soon, iI’ll be waiting. God is blessing you loads.

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