Hello everyone, how are we all faring? Happy Blogiversary!!!

Perry’s Tots is THREE! 🎆🎆

This year has been quite challenging, but your support and encouragement through it has been overwhelming. Thank you very very much, God will raise people to support you and your dreams even when challenges arise.

Thank you to my amazing readers and family, thank you for moving from to with me ( Kindly resubscribe via mail on this site). I really do appreciate your comments and loyalty.
I was planning a day out with Perry to celebrate this blogiversary since I got query last year for not sending everyone a piece of the blogiversary cake but life happened, so I promise, next year we will turn up! 💞

Thank you Anita Ejiofor, the love and care you have shown me is appreciated, and it goes a long way to remind me especially that there are people reading and the blog is making positive impact in the lives of people regardless of what I think. We will meet soon! 😚

Thank you to all the guest writers that have ever featured here. God bless you dearly and I pray God continuously beautify your lives and give you surprising testimonies that will touch other lives.

I see a greater Perry’s Tots in the coming year God helping me!😀

The series LOVE THROUGH MY EYES beginning tomorrow is my blogiversary gift to you, it begins at noon. Please spread the news!

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  1. Oh, dear! ❤ There are people reading and the blog is making positive impact in lives of people, regardless of what you think! Thanks for the shout out and Perry is now a graduate of College of Medicine, University of Lagos. You should edit your bio. I love you. Keep shining, hun. Off to read #LoveThroughMyEyes. The first few lines I read on Facebook was scintillating.

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