Love Through My Eyes. Episode 1


I was born twice; first on a calm Monday in June in the mid 80s into a monogamous family as a baby girl in Lagos; and then again, on the chaotic Saturday morning in December 1996 into a dysfunctional family as a nine year old adult.

My name is Tara Enitan Pedro, I am 29 year old and a doctor. It’s Saturday morning and thankfully, its my free day at work. I live at the popular Adeniran Ogunsanya at Surulere in Lagos state. Its quite close to the hospital where I work, and it was easier to live around the area to reduce cost of transportation. I wonder how people who live at Ikorodu and work on the Island cope especially with the traffic. She sighed.

I am content with where I am except for the fact that I dont have a man to call my own, not that I have never had one but life is just a pot of beans and I wonder when life would smile at me, it seems like I have to struggle through it all.

Tara lives in a two bedroom apartment in a two storey building and she stays on the first floor, other occupant of the apartment are quite conservative and mind their business except during holidays especially Christmas and New year, where they exchange food and gift items. A newly married couple just moved in and the moment Tara discovered the bride was twenty-three years, she began to wonder when she would meet a guy, start dating, before proposal then marriage. Yes, I know all these can happen in six months but really isn’t that some guts plus where would I meet a man when I’m always in the hospital.

She sat on the brown sofa in her sitting room as she turns on the flat screen TV to continue the series, Power, she was watching the previous night before falling asleep. She turned on her air conditioner, and the strawberry fragrance filled the room, the fan made the oyster coloured curtain caress the floor at intervals.

As she enjoyed the suspense filled movie, her iphone beeped, it was Busola, her closest friend, they had been close since day one in Unilag where she studied. Opposites attract they say, I am reserved but Busola is always hyperactive. I am slim, 5’9 inches tall while Busola is 5’5 inches tall, plump. I always wonder where she gets her energy from. We met during the Post-Jamb entrance exam, she let me stay in front of her on the queue, we exchanged numbers after the exams and the rest is history. We became course mates but sadly, Busola dropped out of medicine and decided to study radiography but that never disrupted our friendship, infact, we became closer than ever and I saw my closest friend, Busola, happier than ever.



Her phone rang, it was her step-mother who used to be her worst nightmare. Time heals wounds but we sometimes wish there was no wound to begin with, don’t we?

“Hello Mummy.”

“How are you doing Tara, how’s work and all?”

“Fine mummy, how’s everything with you and my aburos?” (Siblings)

“They are all doing well. I just thought to check up on you.”

“Thank you ma. Alright ma. Thank you ma.”

Today is a special day, mummy called me! Can’t remember the last time we spoke over the phone, I wonder when the next call would be. Dont judge me yet, not that I can’t also call but we don’t have any common gist, I tried to make things work between us but somethings are better left the way they are.

As I took the last sip of Céres grape from the wine glass, I drifted into dreamland, it was the doorbell that woke me up, the movie I was meant to be watching had been watching me for the past twenty minutes. It was Busola. She looked radiant, she wore a white and pink flowery chiffon dress with a black Nike sneakers.

“I am taking this Nike sneakers! Its so beautiful, thank God we wear the same size of shoes.”

“We will discuss that later. Abeg wetin wey person fit chop for this your house.”she asked as she dropped her bag and walked into the kitchen.

“I have sauce, we can boil rice.”

“Not bad.”

We gisted about work, Lagos, the dead economy that needed CPR, corruption, life and what most ladies gist end up in; love and relationship.

“Ehen, how far you and Bolaji?”

“He is fine. I said grinning from ear to ear.”

“There’s more to this smile. Are you guys now together after all the hot and cold he keeps blowing?”

“Sit, let me gist you.”

To be continued…

📷: JideKola Photography.

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  1. Interesting, didn’t know you watch power or if that was a hot series to put in the story.

    Seems like the two characters remind me of two people I know hmm…..

  2. Hi Pero, I’m following oo. I may be a day late but I’m reading. Now can we change this your bio from Undergraduate to Medical Doctor?

    1. Lol, thank you Ifeoma. It has been changed. Apparently, a lot of people couldn’t stand seeing the undergraduate. Thankfully, i finally figured how to remove it from the blog. Keep following and subscribe via email too. Thanks

  3. A very nice one Pero and well told. May God grant you the wisdom to excel in your mountain of influence. May He grant you opportunities and show them to you.

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