Love Through My Eyes. Episode 2.

Previously on Love Through My Eyes.

“For now nothing is going on between us, let’s see where the tide leads, but I’ m beginning to like him a lot though.”

“You’ve been fond of him since third year in Uni my dear, you need to be realistic here. If he liked you, he would have taken steps concerning you. If a guy is into you, you don’t need to wear binoculars to look for what is not lost.” She said bursting into a hearty laugh that revealed her gap teeth and dimple.

“See how you just finished me, ehn, I don’t even know what to say anymore.”

“How will you know, Funsho is here, Tolu is knocking, Gbenga is begging. It’s only Bolaji you’re carrying on your head, day and night. My dear no time to waste o.”

“I’ve heard you ooo.”

They enjoyed the remaining part of the movie, ate rice and went to FilmHouse. Tara wore a red knee length gown, which embraced her tiny waist and magnified her hips. She is a true definition of an African woman. She wore her gold sandal and carried her black handbag. She did natural makeup and applied her nude lipstick. Her natural hair was made into cornrows and she grabbed her wig and wore it.

They watched the scary 5D movie, Busola kept screaming through the movie while I tried to close my eyes through the scary scenes. After that, we took a walk round the mall linking the Adeniran Ogunsanya mall. We went to my favorite store, Patabah. Ever since I discovered Patabah, whenever I visited the mall, I have to stop by to either buy books or window shop. I am a loyal customer. Once I’m committed to you, till death do us part. This is why Busola will never understand why it’s difficult to let Bolaji go.

Bolaji likes me but I’m not sure how much. I am obviously into him but I’m hopeful something comes out of this. I’m not giving up just yet till my instincts lets me.
I met Bolaji in my third year in the medical school through Busola, yes! Same Busola asking me to keep off him, after building this friendship for over six years.
You might not understand my persistence, let me explain how I and Bolaji’s friendship have lasted this long.

One Monday morning after class, Busola and I went to our room in the hostel, we talked about anatomy class that just ended and the manual we had to submit the next day, and then Busola began telling me about Bolaji. She spoke with so much confidence I was destined to be with him. I wasn’t interested in guys at that time, so I never considered all Busola’s advice to grab a man while I also study. I wasn’t taking care of that aspect of my life and as a good friend she had to intercede. She has always been better in that aspect of life, the rock sitting gently on her ring finger is a testimony.

“Bolaji is a cool guy. I mean you guys will make a great couple, two cool people together. He is a Christian, doctor, comfortable, has great dreams. What else does a lady want from God!”

“Did he tell you he likes me or what madam?” I asked curious.

“No o, but you both are my friends and I want good things for my friend.”

“Hmm, madam match-maker. I’ve heard you.” I said waving the discussion aside. I thought that was the end of Bolaji in our girl-talk, Busola will bring him up occasionally. I met Bolaji few months later; tall, caramel skin and good looking, calm. The way he smelt drove Busola’s message home. As we passed beside each other on the deserted hospital corridor, I felt I was going to fall because my knees became wobbly, then he smiled, it was so innocent and homely.

That was the day I began to take interest in Bolaji. After the day’s work at school, I ran to Busola’s room, I tried not to make my emotions obvious but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t help it; I am an unrepentant hopeless romantic!

“Busola, how was your day?”

“Fine. I’m so tired.” She said as she rolled over on her bed.

Please of all days to be tired, today? I thought.

The day I finally saw Bolaji and I wanted to hear more about him, how would I ask about him without seeming so desperate.
“I think I saw that your friend, Bolaji. He’s caramel skin right? He has brown eyes, pink lips and he smiles in a lovely…”
Busola cuts in.

“Tara, Tara. How were you able to notice all these ehn. You both spoke?”

“No, we only said hi. Have you ever told him about me?” I asked blushing.

Busola was so tired she gave little or no information about my newest crush.

I know what to do.

I went to my room daydreaming, I looked him up on Facebook and twitter. I sent him a friend request on Facebook and followed him on Twitter. I dropped my phone and laid on my bed, it was about 8pm, I needed two hours of sleep before going to study but here I was on my bed sleepless, daydreaming about Bolaji. I already planned our love story. I was tossed back to reality by the knock on my door. It was one of the women who sold makeup and women underwear in the hostel. I was her customer, she stopped by to say hello.
I looked at the time on my phone, it was 9:30pm, there was no point sleeping anymore, I was going to study. As I wore my black tank-top, my phone beeped, I got two notifications.

Bolaji Afolayan accepted your friend request. Write on Bolaji’s timeline.

On twitter, Bolaji followed you.

I was so excited that I began to wonder why I had never given any relationship a try.

It was the death of my mother.

To be continued next Thursday at noon.

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  1. Nice one Miss Perry…

    “Bolaji likes me but I’m not sure how much. I am obviously into him but I’m hopeful something comes out of this. I’m not giving up just yet till my instincts lets me” …this paragraph reminds me of someone I know. Fingers crossed..

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