I’m Grateful!


It’s been a long time coming! I am what I am today by the grace of God and because of these awesometastic people God blessed me with. They have contributed enormously to my life better than even my family members have, with these people I have learnt not to limit God and to dream without restraint; oh my, they taught me well because my dreams are beyond me. I want to say a big thank you to…


Pastor Biola
After my mum passed and all that followed, life was really tough for my family and especially for me, it was just dramatic! University education looked impossible! Lol Pastor Biola would just preach Sunday after Sunday, and it would seem like she knew the exact thing I was going through, very very practical. She contributed immensely in my walk with God, especially in not giving up! There were days after service I would just go to Dominion Hall and just cry to God, and when I was satisfied, I would carry my bag and go home lol. The amazing thing was God was collecting all my tears and He was listening to my prayers. We only just met personally last year, my final year in the university. She made a major mark in my life such that her name was included in my dissertation, which was published!

I finally finished and gained admission the same year I finished secondary school, read my miracle filled MBBS Journey on perrystots.com.

Mayokun Akpoterabor
Finance was a big challenge, I know you people see me as a big girl lol, I just think my packaging and planning skills are just epic! This woman right here broke down all my walls, I know I can be extremely reserved but she did her magic, today I call her mother, friend and confidant; I was surprised the day she introduced me as her daughter, sister and confidant, I was like “me this small girl.” She knows me inside out. She paid my first tuition. We talk about everything! We even went ahead to put smiles on the faces of other people hurting from the death of a loved one. I thank God for bringing you into my life. Through her I met…

Dr. Adedokun
Talk about brilliance, poise, kindness and greatness in one package! He believes in my aspiration and keeps supporting me till tomorrow. This is a daddy I can rely on.

Mrs. Ebere
Hmm… You should have waited a year to at least see this day. It is the love this woman showered on me that made me understand what love means, it made me understand what God’s love for man is. Read my tribute to her on perrystots.com

Dr Mettabel
Some people just impact you without knowing by just being themselves, that is the exact thing with her. Her Princi pearls videos are just always the word in season when I just feel like throwing in the towel. We finally had a one-on-one chat earlier this year and it revolutionized my life, she made me dare to dream bigger and challenged me to hunger and thirst for more of God! God’s grace is upon you to unlock more of Him to you.

Dr Orenuga
Whenever her name pops, I remember my depression testimony again and again! God used her mightily to redirect my life when I was at my lowest ever since I’ve been on earth. God just spoke through her expressly to liberate my mind! I love you mama. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

The length of this wouldn’t let me talk about my adorable aunty Aina, my gist partner and business guru Mayowa Agbelese, Jawad Sulaimon, Yusuf Shittu, Mr.& Mrs. Adeyemo, Ore mi Jane Ikondu and Echoes of Love and many more.

Lol. We did it Dad! It looked impossible, you almost gave up but see, a doctor is made, a barrister in the oven lol. God is ever faithful. I know we have our cat and rat fights but thank you for your support, for all you had to pass through to give me this and oh, this is nothing compared to what is to come, infact, eyes have not seen, ears have not heard hehe. Mum, you should have waited 15years to see your baby geh be a doctor but it’s ok cos God’s got your baby geh!

Next time you see me call me Grace of God.

So aunty and uncle, you want to give up on your dreams or you’re scared to dream, you better don’t shortchange yourself, God can raise people from nowhere for you! All the people I mentioned up there ain’t related to me at all but God used them mightily to promote me!


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  1. Your life and story is really inspiring! I bless God for your life. Hope to be in your position very soon – just starting sha

    Thumbs up

  2. I bless the Ever Faithful God for you Adepero…you are a true source of inspiration babe….No limits.,keep forging ahead

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