Love Through My Eyes. Episode 7.


Previously on Love Through My Eyes.

The moment I got into the campus, I took in a deep breathe, the air was fresh and pure. The coolness and serenity of the compound made me smile, “A break from the drama-filled life at last!”
The cab driver stopped by the road to ask a passerby, “Abeg, where is Kofo hostel?” I had come earlier in the week but I came from a different route. We finally stopped in front of light brown colored storey building. He helped me get my load down from the trunk and I paid him. I concluded some hostel protocol measures at the entrance and I was on the way to my room for the next one year, Room 017.
The door was wide open and I entered saying hello to everyone, it had four double bunks. I introduced myself and they seemed receptive and friendly. I would later know the name so the girls as Playful Bimbo, Serious Yetunde, Big girl Sade, Aristomama Funsho, Gossip Bimpe, Fashionista Tola and Vain Folake. I liked these girls because there was never a dull moment with them and they helped with cash and food sometimes, until I had to start fishing myself. There was no money from home and all the calls I made to everyone who promised to be there never produced results. Empty promises.
I decided to take a walk one solemn Friday evening, before I knew it I was at Chapel. It felt like I was teleported there, I didn’t know how I got there because I had so many thoughts flooding my heavy heart. I saw people in different small groups praying. Since I was here, I better just talk to God about all the turmoil, it’s either I break or I stand and right now, I’ll just pray. That’s a good place to start.
I found a hidden spot where I inhabited, that would be my prayer corner for the rest of the year, I spoke to God like He was sitting beside me and then I heard him say, “I love you.” I was so excited! The feeling was exhilarating. After a few more minutes, I left for my room.
Two hours later, my phone rang it was Mrs. Peterson.
Mrs. Peterson is a friend of my dad, she is a divorcee with a son but very wealthy, she cares for everyone and is so kind, it’s unbelievable. In a type you might want to assume doesn’t exist, and since it existed you might think she doesn’t know what she is doing.
“Good evening mummy, how are you doing ma?”
“I’m fine. How is school?”
“Ok, well done o. Send me your account number.”
My eyes popped with joy.
“Alright mummy, I’ll send it now. God bless you”
Instantly, I got an alert of fifty thousand naira. I was so overjoyed, from worry to abundance. I quickly sent a text, “Thank you mummy, God bless you.”
I ensured I read, I couldn’t afford to disappoint her and the other people who took interest in my career. Yes, other people because another man I was introduced to decided to send me ten thousand naira monthly. With that, I was comfortable until my third year, life happened to my sponsors.
“Payment for accommodation is ending today.” Bisola said as they both walked to the hostel from the cafeteria.
“Wow! Are you sure? I’ve not paid.” She said with her eyes wide open in surprise.
I knew it was closing today; I just had to dramatize so Bisola wouldn’t wonder why I hadn’t paid. I’ve been thinking of how I could get the thirty thousand naira, I also have an exam coming up tomorrow. Bisola is my close friend but don’t want to bother her with my financial challenges. I don’t know how, I don’t know when but God is going to make a way.
“Why haven’t you paid?”
“I’ve been busy. Isn’t it just to do a transfer, I will do it before 12am.”
“Stop procrastinating. Do it now.”
“Abeg, no time now. I want to eat.” They ate their meal and gisted about the stress of school and life, what they both have been up to in school.
At about 8pm, I got an alert of fifty thousand naira. It was Mrs. Peterson.
“Wow!” Astonished I sent her a text thanking her tremendously. She will never know how grateful I am, she is such a lifesaver. The quality I loved most about Mrs. Peterson was the fact that she didn’t demand to be praised for all she keeps doing. Such selflessness.
Another day, I couldn’t afford to feed, I slept off hungry and weeping on my pillow. I woke up sobbing and decided to pick up my phone to check what time it was, and then I saw a credit alert. It was Mrs. Peterson. I’ve never met anyone so giving in my whole life. Even my father, doesn’t show me such enormous degree of care and love. All she wanted in return was my progress. That was love undiluted.
I went to visit Mrs. Peterson after my exam, her house was beautiful but classy in a simple way. There were two ladies living with her, I later found out she was housing and sponsoring their education too. It was that night, Mrs. Peterson told me she had cancer.


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