Love Through My Eyes. The Finale.


Previously on Love Through My Eyes.

“Bolaji, Bolaji; how far? You didn’t tell me you were coming today.” Tara said as she opened her door.

“Babe, I was bored at home and decided to come and disturb you small. That my house is so dull.” Bolaji said fidgeting.

He sat on the brown sofa while Tara went into the kitchen to get two wine glasses. “I just got this wine, do you care for some?”

“I do.”

We talked about work; the different categories of patients we have, the cooperative ones and the nasty ones; our experiences in med school, people that dated and broke up, the ones whose break up was shocking, plans towards furthering our career and the exchange rate. I looked at him as he spoke passionately about his dreams and plans. Suddenly, he went quiet and looked me in the eyes. I was perplexed, why the sudden change in attitude, I wondered.

“What’s wrong B?” I asked as I threw a throw-pillow at Bolaji, which he caught.

“Let’s be serious Tara.” He said as he kept his stare on me.

“Ki lo n se e. Is it the wine?”
I think this is the part I man up and do the needful. What if she says no, is this a good time? Does she like me that much? Maybe I should say it some other time.
There is no perfect time to take the first step.
I’ll just do it!
“Tara, we’ve been good friends for a very long time and we understand ourselves so perfectly. You help me want to be a better person in every aspect; I like you a whole lot and I’ve grown to be very fond of you.” He said nervous, looking at Tara fixated. Tara looked surprised.

“I want you to be my wife. I want to marry you. We’ve grownbeyond the boyfriend and girlfriend phase. I want to live life with you by my side.” He paused for a response. After a few minutes she spoke.

“I.. I want to be with you too Bolaji.” I muffled.

“You’ve been with me when things were good, bad, when I was cheerful or gloomy. You’ve supported me through it all. I want to live life with you too. I know I’m meant to waste your time thinking but I know you’re the one.”

“Let’s do this.”

Six months later.

It’s my big day.

Here I am in the best wedding dress ever, looking out of the window thinking of my husband-to-be; we starting a family and very soon having our children. After God taught me what love is, I can say I genuinely love this man.

Our vow was the best thing I’ve ever heard:
“When I met you it was a God thing the way everything happened. We’ve been friends for so long, to see today is such a privilege to see everything that God has brought us through. I thank God for bringing you to my life. The bible says no greater love than a friend die for his friend, I will die for you a thousand times over again because you’re my best friend, I love you OmoTara sincerely. I was called to love you, I was destined to love you. I would be your king; I will guide you to where God has promised us to be all the days of our lives. I thank God for you. It doesn’t matter any other time or era in history, it would have always been you, it was meant to be, I thank God for you. I love you.”

“I love you Bolaji with every breathe, there’s no start or end to what I feel for you. I look at you every day and cherish how God blessed me with you, a reminder of God’s unending love for me. I never knew I could love anyone so deeply based on how my family was, I watched Mrs. Peterson love me unconditionally and I always wondered how amazing it was for her to love me who wasn’t related to her so completely. Now, God has given me you to love and that I will do all the days of my life.”

My name is Mrs. Enitan OmoTara Afolayan and this is love through my eyes, what is love through your eyes?

The end.

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