Lessons Learnt From Lagos Business School.

The Panelists.
The Panelists.

It’s Global Entrepreneurship Week. Today I learnt alot from the panelists at Lagos Business School.

One of the panelists said to be able to run a business, it is important to have worked with other organizations. During the question and answer session a man came up to ask what should he do as the organization he works isn’t the best place to learn, he doesn’t learn what he should do but what he shouldn’t. He saw that as a setback. I felt it was interesting because he is actually learning how not to run a business which is a good thing, he doesn’t have to make those mistakes with his own business.

This reminded me of lessons I learnt from shadowing a business I wanted to venture into few months ago:

  • Make the vision clear to every employee and ensure they understand it.
  • If the industry you’re in is dynamic and always evolving, try to keep up, if not before you know it, you’ll be out of business.
  • Separate your personal finance from your business’s.
  • Collaborate with other people in your field who are more knowledgeable than you are.
  • Keep learning about your field, take courses if need be.
  • Be flexible in your plans.
  • Business is business, friendship is friendship; know how to draw the line.
  • Learn to listen and listen.
  • Dream global and think global.
  • Be sure you’re able to handle what you ask God concerning your business. Don’t ask if you’re not working like you’re expecting Him to answer.

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Up Next: Lessons from writing Love Through My Eyes.

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