Lessons From Writing Love Through My Eyes.


I contemplated writing this but here I am sharing, I believe sharing is loving and loving is sharing; which is our motto on Perry’s Tots.

Love. Learn. Inspire.

Usually when I want to write my fictional series, I prepare the plot and every other thing needed then ask my two special friends to look through and share their thoughts, what they agree with, what I should remove. They ask me a lot of questions and it is usually a very tasking process.

The next step is me writing and creating scenes and all, after writing, I send it for editing. After all is set for publishing, I begin the series; this happened for Almost A Bride and The Pink Diary. Don’t mind the very organised me. (If you haven’t read them, what are you waiting for? Read it while it’s still FREE)

Love Through My Eyes was the opposite. I created a plot with the help of my special friend, wrote the first episode which I felt was the best thing I’ve ever written in my life only for my friend to tell me to change the scene and create a totally different event. I was sad, I was already flowing with this, so I left it. Each time I tried, I became tired, I didn’t want to write. Until one day while praying God told me to create a different plot entirely and I told Him, He had to write it, then He gave me what to write about. Lol

I was rusty, I felt like I didn’t know how to write anymore, my organised self kept questioning all my actions!

– So you’ve not started writing and September is almost here.
– You don’t even have a picture for your story yet. ( I love to create my own pictures)
– So when will you ever finish writing this story?
– You’ve not finished writing and the series is starting, what if something happens and you can’t complete it. What if you run out of what to write, what if this, what if that. Lol

I started anyway, the next was to get a picture, I felt since it was too late for a photoshoot to create my own picture, I better check online, I wanted a lady looking out of the window. Lol Almost all the ones I found had watermark on them, I was upset, this was wasting my writing time that was limited already since I didn’t start on time.

I don’t know how I stumbled upon my friend’s wedding picture with the exact pose I wanted. It was a high moment for me, the picture was perfect! I spoke to her she agreed but I had to contact the photographer, JideKola for permission to use the picture, He said yes! Lol.

I wrote and wrote, no special friends to help with my plot, this is the most challenging story I’ve ever written, there were several moments I had to say, so God we are writing today, I carry my laptop then I say holyspirit help me. There were times, I said so this day could ever come when all my posts weren’t ready before the series started and I was feeling OK.

With each episode, I learnt to rely on God for inspiration, I finished writing this series last Thursday few minutes to 12pm, the publishing time between hustling for what part of the room had the best network and charging my laptop while I wrote. A lot sure go on behind the scene and your comments make it worth it.

So after my long story, what I learnt:

– Things don’t always have to happen same way all the time.

– Even if things don’t go as planned, trust the process and submit it to God.

– If you put your heart to it, you can achieve it.

– You’ll be fine, your dreams will come true.

– It may not be perfect but keep at it.

So let’s throwback to this series, all episodes in one click!👇

PS: Thank you so much for your support thus far, God bless you.

The series #31Days31Voices is open to everyone, you can send your entry to adeperoajayi@yahoo.com on or before 30th November 2016. More details here.

We Love you.😍
We Learn together. 📖
We Inspire you. 💡

We are Perry’s Tots. 💯

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