Day 5: Ibidapo Subomi


So…Errr…I actually thought I had a terrible year in 2015…but I think in my 20+ years I haven’t had a more challenging year…this 2016 was hmmmm!

So as I write this in so much pain…don’t ask me why… I thank the Almighty God for my sanity…if not for His love and faithfulness… My stress-diathesis balance would have been destroyed by the negative impacts the world had on me this year…but thanks be to God for His mercy.

I had a lot of bad experiences this year…I had carryovers of last year’s problems…Well…. I finally understood what the phrase ‘Long Suffering’ is(that’s a plus, innit?)

So about the good and great things God did for me this year… I graduated as a medical Doctor even without reading. Lol…I couldn’t read… I got overwhelmed by my other problems…not that I WASN’T reading…I just COULDN’T read… I would open and stare at my books for long and not read jack… I was either sleeping(Yetunde testified about this on her MBBS journey earlier in the year) or in group discussions…Thank God I passed…Thank God!…dont know how but God did it!

Pardon me for not introducing myself earlier…I am Dr IBIDAPO Olasubomi.

Back to how the year was…it took my colleagues and I three months to get our licenses (God bless CMUL)…well we got it eventually and got inducted… It was a glorious day…tears kept running down my cheeks but I had to control the tears (didn’t want to mess the make-up)… It was hard to believe I was the one taking my Hippocratic oath… What an amazing God…God’s faithfulness was palpable.

After induction… We are supposed to start Housemanship as soon as we get a placement in any hospital.
Mehn!…didn’t know getting a job as a Doctor in Nigeria was hard ooo(God bless my Country, Nigeria)… It is 5months after I got inducted and I just started my housemanship…the miracle happened in less than 20mins (God is intentional).

Earlier in the year… My mom was sick…she had symptoms tending towards a liver disease…I was so scared… My God!…but thank God for being God…she is still her troublesome self in good health…My family is fine…we are all in good health…(PS; we had major issues but God kept us together and He is still keeping us together till forever)

My Personal life (Subomi’s life, my issues)…lol…I really want to share but I can’t…and yes you can’t tell I have been through hell cos I still remain the hyper, friendly, smiling,…..,cute Subomi…my good sense of humour is still intact.
My life’s purpose is related to the issues I am battling with… So you know how challenging it is battling what I am facing cos I have to get it right before I can talk to people about getting it right….this one thing I am certain…God is intentional about the issues in my life…it might not look like it…in short…it looks like God has nothing to do with it…but He is the only one that knows and sees the end from the beginning(He knows the past, present and the future) …We all see the beginning from the end(simply means we know our past but we can’t see past our present)…Be calm…God over everything.

In all, I thank God for life, family(the IBIDAPO’s), les soeurs, friends, everyone around me…many more years to us in Jesus name.

I want to thank Ore mi for this opportunity to share what a wonderful year I had…I hope this encouraged someone…God is intentional about your life…just keep doubting your doubts…God is ever faithful!

Seasons Greetings from Perry’s Tots.

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  1. Oh my! THANK GOD FOR God and you.Well done and keep succeeding at whatever life throws our way.May God bless your mother with good health.Amen.

  2. God is awesome…..and U’re definitely an evidence of His faithfulness. May God continue to direct you in all Ur endeavours. Stay blessed baby sis.

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