Day 7:Funke Osisami

Hi Everyone,

It’s good to be back😁.

This year!!! 2016 was such an eventful year for me. Ups, Downs, Highs, Lows but above all I am grateful, I couldn’t have made it this far if not for the Lord.

The beginning of this year unlike every other year I had no idea what the year was going to be like. Heard loads of prophecies but none of them clicked asides the one about Nigeria that it was going to get better by the end of the year(Paraphrasing). However I needed a word for myself, so I took a mini break to find me and I wasn’t disappointed, I got just what I needed and I was ready for the year.Not long I got a bit distracted but I had to remind myself daily where I was headed.

I am really not a “sit somewhere” person so working in an office was a bit tragic(for lack of a better word) for me. I wanted to get my hands on many things, I wanted to be free, I wanted peace, I also needed some time to think, so I can say to some extent I achieved that this year.

My friends became doctors this year(Giving me an additional Associate MB;BS Degree 😁). You all made mama proud. It was a tough one initially but God saw them through it all.

One of my highs of this year was when I applied for something. I did it reluctantly and on the day of my interview someone who I didn’t even remember walked up to me and said he knew me from when I was really young and he helped me out. I was too in shock and God just showed me how he works and how he comes through for us when we least expect.

Another High for me was when one of the things I have been praying for happened. YASSS!!! My Mama is getting married💃🏻❤️️😩. The excitement that was within me couldn’t be explained (Only a few people can understand).If you are reading this Mama, Congrats you know I love you so😍.

This year I met so many beautiful people I can’t begin to mention, I also got close to quite a number of people who helped and encouraged me.

One down time I had this year was when I lost my uncle. Initially some part of me knew his chances of making it was quite slim(When you live with doctors) another part of me just had this hope he was going to survive it until I got the shocking news from my mum I just couldn’t hold it back. It was rather too sad that moment I had so many questions I wanted to ask God I had a lot on my mind I wanted to let out but I just couldn’t because whether or not I did He is still God. Sooner or later I accepted my fate and moved on with life.

Generally this year has been full of a lot of dramas especially in Nigeria but the Joy is that we sure know how to pull out strong of every situation. One thing I’m certain of in this nation is that it isn’t over yet, this isn’t the end and the best is here already🙏.

I still haven’t gotten all my answers this year but I am sure hopefully that things will get better and of course all things are working for my good 😊.

2017 I believe will be a better year and we will all have reasons to celebrate. Amen

This is to everyone who made my 2016 Great❤️️😬 especially those who let their shoulders down for me to cry on. You are the real MVP😘.Cheers 🍻

Thank you Pero once again for this opportunity.

Happy new year in Advance guys.

Warm regards,
Funke Osisami

Seasons Greetings from Perry’s Tots.🌲

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