Day 8: Queenola Kalu

1st January 2016 (Friday- 22:43)

“ A new year. YES! Self, be unperturbed. You made it. Be thankful ,self. The Maker has spared you once again……..”

Spending new year’s cold evening with a little chat with Journo, my Mr. Macho before finally crashing for the night. He was one person that always listened to me and went everywhere with me. Sharing precious days like this and making memories was our major bond. Journo was my journal, my friend.

2016 has been quite a year for me. A major year of growth…….growing with learning to love, trust, forgive and spend time with my biggest lover, JESUS. For every single breath, every step, every tear, every soliloquy, every hug, every smile, every conversation, I AM GRATEFUL.

So, I crossed over to Faculty of Pharmacy, College of Medicine, UNILAG (CMUL) this year, and my goodness, it has been a one-of-a-kind ride. Lots of lab reports written overnight and a clogged time table, one could easily give up on big dreams to chase after good grades. It wasn’t anything I wished for but with God, the journey has been taking giant strides to trust Him to handle it. And he always does….even when it doesn’t feel like it. I wanted to be the best. My dreams for the year were massive but we really cannot skip lessons. It always goes a step at a time .

I haven’t gained any major physical achievement this year but a lot has been built in me. I gained exotic relationships this year……more of family than friends.

Helen Keller said: “My friends have made the story of my life. They have turned my limitations into beautiful privileges and made me walk serene and happy in a world full of trials and darkness”.

I have found sisters, mothers, pastors, brothers, prayer partners among them with one thing that unites our spirits: we pray together and for one another. Every one of them have a wordless lesson to teach with our relationship.

Bolade taught me to lift one another up in prayer. Adepero taught me that a sister is never farther away than you will need her. Iruoma taught me that distance is not a hindrance to friendship. Fikun taught me that even the weirdest of people have feelings and are awesome friends. Israel taught me that we all embody compassion and love beyond bounds, and beauty is found in its full expression through acts of kindness. Fisayo taught me how to handle situations and how to love myself. Dubem and Rachael gave me insights in the Word. Benedict taught me that the power to excel is in my hands. Joshua taught me that a little humor doesn’t kill. Gbemi taught me to love. Omom taught me that a sincere hug brings about trust. Damola taught me that you hardly get hurt with sisters to protect you. Faith taught me that a mother is one that bears her child’s heart and lifts her child before the throne room of grace. Tope taught me that we are created to love as the Father does us, without hesitation.

Life was like a fairytale until depression set in, around June to August. It felt like being dumped at the valley of the shadow of death. I had lost my peace and clarity had left my mind. It felt like a part of me had been ripped out. Everything had lost its meaning. It was a terrible and difficult time for me. David was here for me through it all even in times when nobody understood me or the reason why I was gloomy. I thank God for friends like this.

Another major blow was having an F in physiology for my second semester exam. It was a hard period for me. I had never failed that bad in my life. It was very traumatic. God placed a mother, Faith to comfort me and also to take a leap of trust, believing that the story will be beautiful in the end.

In the midst of all these, here I stand. Standing at the end of the rainbow with a pot of gold, this year has been flawfully beautiful. I am grateful to God for everything and stepping into the next with a new lease of life.

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