Day 10: Oluwafunmilayo

My year 2016 started with uncertainties, carry overs from 2015 and set goals for 2016… It all seemed impossible as I lost my dad December 2015 . My world literarily came crashing right in my face.. I was ushered into year 2016 heartbroken , ‘scattered’ with a funeral to plan!!! Coupled with the fact have just been triple promoted to the post of a mom to my siblings and husband to my mom. Then came the battles to fight , accusations from family members of my mom’s involvement pertaining to my dad’s death ‘typical Nigerian custom’ ignoring the psychological state of my mom and us!!!! And all this made me sad and so angry!!!! It was indeed a rough way to be ushered into a new year.

In all this the funeral came and God showed up…(let me use this medium to appreciate everyone that was there for myself and my family , (Oluwafemi Harrison thank you for being amazing ,Omobolanle ‘mcscarnzie’ lol… Alakija Seun my ‘everything ‘ partner ,Hayub Bello , Azeem Kayode , Lawal Olusola, Diribe Adaugo my piggy bank , Etchie laju, Oyebola Bolanle, Azeezat, Hannah adewale, Adaranijo Tope, our boo Seyifunmi Abiodun, my long time bestie Layi-Adigun Opeyemi, Abimbola Olayemi , Awosanya Yetunde, and everyone else you all mean the world to me. Gracias)

Then came the medical electives have been planning with my dad.. I already gave up on that with everything going on at the time.. But God came through again and it happened with less stress. Thanks to everyone that made my trip ‘happen’ and worthwhile .

Words can’t express how I struggled to get by everyday without my favorite man… I get scared on how to handle and protect the battalion you left behind yes 6kids, since the lieutenant colonel is missing in action!!!!

I really appreciate the strongest and bravest mother alive , who kept it all together during the chaos I love you more than life itself mom.. And my siblings, I couldn’t have asked for better. Uncle Olaogun kolawole I love you …. Thank you for always been there for us.

Thank you daddy for always watching out for me… Us. A day never goes by without my thought of you no matter how tough it gets out here.

My expectations for 2016…

To be better at being me , read more talk less (PS: I talk a lot!!!!) , be more family oriented , take life seriously,travel (looking forward),stop been lazy and be happy irrespective what goes down.

Above all, no matter what you going through, trust me God sees it all, He knows what’s going to happen next. I know the world has a way of breaking everyone, but whatever it is don’t run from it ….. Don’t quit.

God is right there with you holding your hands so tight . He held unto to mine he sure is holding unto yours.

Looking forward to year 2017 , my best year yet!!!!

Seasons Greetings from Perry’s Tots.🌲

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