Day 12: Osetemega Iribiri

Hi World! It’s such a great privilege to share my 2016 memories. I might not be the best event recounter but I promise to recount better next year, yeah! next year! This thanksgiving spirit is sure going to continue.

So this year started off with me continuing my duties as a government pikin a.k.a corper in Irrua, Edo state. The life of a corper is a very unique, that’s a story for another day. The trip back home was filled with mixed feelings; to start with I hadn’t been home home in a while. I went home but my visits always had an expiry date, now i was coming home as in coming home, no expiry date, a totally fresh slate.

I came home kitted in my NYSC uniform. It was going to be the first and last time my family would see me physically dressed like that; there was prayer, warm words and encouragement. And my dad said, “I am proud of you” those words meant and still mean a lot to me.
Upon returning home since April I have been favoured, graced and loved.

I have always had something for trade, so I took some money I had saved up and registered in a multilevel marketing scheme and enrolled at a tailoring outfit.
Good bad news I realized the multilevel marketing wasn’t exactly my thing. I spoke with a family friend who is into e-commerce, got my capital and voilà became an e-commerce merchant.
At some point this year also I started driving class with my dad but I dropped out *covers face* hopefully I wouldn’t carry this course over to 2017.

In this year also I have been greatly privileged and honoured to bless souls with words. I have been pushed to take those baby steps in the world of poetry and spoken word. Amongst is a recited poem on Nigeria that received over 1k views (You can log on to to view, the title is “The Empire”). I also did a few voice overs.

Personally, the best thing that happened to me this year is the gift of people and a loving heavenly Father. Without the right people around, plans and aspirations will fail and without the stamp of God, human effort is useless. In 2016 I met some really awesome people and their works, including this blog. And for the people I already knew, I knew better.

This year i had my lowly times but all I can say is the grace and mercy of God kept me. His faithfulness is eternal.
That brings me to the lessons learnt:
Some battles are better “lost”; you don’t always have to prove things. Some arguments are better “lost” and in that “defeat” is there victory.

God is always willing to help only if we would give him a chance.
Feed yourself properly with the right things and people because when you are at level zero you will have to visit your reserve.
Never say never.
Never hide your gifting and abilities.
A little love and talk goes a long way.

2016 was a time of mapping and knowing for me and I am super super excited about 2017.

In this coming year I hope to attend educating seminars and workshops, attend lots of theatre and literary programs, volunteer, visit new places, read more, love more, write more, orate better, taste different cuisines, celebrate friends and family more, celebrate me more, manage my time and resources better, get my blog running, read the whole Bible, deepen my walk with God….the list is endless, but the summary is, I strive to be a better me in 2017.

P.S: If you see how you can make any of the above dreams a reality, do holla at me. Gracais.
By the way my name is Iribiri Osetemega, pardon my manners. Much love.

Thanks Adepero for the opportunity to share. God bless you.

Seasons Greetings from Perry’s Tots.🌲

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