Day 13: Adepero Awonusi

My namesake!😍😍
Hi, I’m ‘Depero and 2016 has definitely been rad (like the cool kids say). Full disclosure: I posses an ampule amount of silly in me, it might spill into my writing.

To properly introduce myself my name is Adepero Awonusi and I’ll be sharing the highlights of my year with you. My birthday happens to fall on Christmas Eve so typically I tend to take stock of my past year around that time, bonus points that it also happens to be a week before the year runs out! Thanks to my new friend Pero (one of the good things about this year) I get to do it a little earlier this year.
I’ll start of by saying I’m not the “new year, new resolutions!” type of girl so I did not start out the year with a list of targets. That said, I did however start out the year with a heart-full of hopes, goals and dreams which I petitioned as usual to my all in all. 2016, 2016, where do I begin.
The beautiful, butterflies in my stomach, singing out loud in the shower times…

First up, I met a wonderful gentleman in December last year and he gave me reason to open up and get into a relationship again this year. I say ‘again’ because it had been three years give or take a few months since my last relationship, story for some other day. I finally shed a couple of pounds early this year and kept it off, the struggle to be #fitfam *laughs*. Major goal health-wise seeing as at my physical in September last year the doctor informed me that I was borderline 200 pounds (198.4 to be exact). Made new sister bonds with two amazing ladies who kick my ass and daily remind to never accept defeat. Mama dearest, aka my original day one chic and number one cheerleader came visiting this year which was too many shades of awesome. Also got to take a handful of mini out of state vacations, the joys of room service.

The not so beautiful thankfully turned beautiful times…
I shall tag this portion #delayisnotdenial as it pretty much sums up what the lows of this year were centered on. Fam’, I literally had to put up a bunch of post it notes at the head of my bed -Being Mary Jane style- with bible quotes, silly quotes and words of encouragement to help me remember that joy was coming in the morning. I had a major project that I was working on which had to be completed in phases with reviews. At the end of each phase I had a test to pass and would then get a date for the next review. Things were going smoothly with a couple of bumps here and there, nothing major. Then it happened, a month and a half to the final review, my date got pushed forward by 4 months! Let me try to put this in quick perspective for you. 
At this point I had been waiting for about 4.5 months.
I had literally just given them a three weeks notice at my part time hustle because the end of the final review was going to have me moving out of state.
Also I had already made plans to sublet my apartment out.
I know there’s a big difference between ‘wait’ and ‘no’ but at that moment my brain was registering it as a ‘no’ and I could feel the hope in my heart die a little.It took all I had and a ton of grace to pull through. I had to re-learn patience, stay hopeful and I finally got serenity. And as they say, in the end it was beautiful.

To sum it up 2016 was a year of new beginnings, warm fuzzy moments, face-palm moments, who sent me to work out moments, serenity and a landslide of grace. Looking forward to 2017, I’m uber excited and I smell victory in the air.

Seasons Greetings from Perry’s Tots.🌲🎆

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