Day 16: Ibukun

The year 2016 has been a very eventful and impactful one for me. Looking back at January 1, 2016 till now…….

Okay let’s start this way, I am not one to make yearly resolutions and all that stuff people do every new year simply because I believe that life is a journey from one destination to the other, and while on that journey we would have to learn, un-learn and even re-learn things previously learnt but not founded on the right Dogma. My aim every year is to be a “better me.’’ I simply take stock of my activities and seek to make necessary adjustments in areas where improvements are required.

Spiritual Life.
I am grateful to God for the way and manner my spiritual life had gone this year, though I am not where I would have wanted. Sincerely, I wanted to pray more, study His word more, have a deeper revelation of the Godhead and a whole lot moOooh you not doing your house job in luth?e, but this I also know that God does not reveal everything to His children all at once so we do not get revelatory obesity. He gives us what we need per time and subsequently bring experiences our way that would affirm and illuminate the instruction He passed across to us. I cannot go without mentioning this that I had always possibly heard or known; this year I had a first-hand revelation of the God’s ‘’Fatherhood.’’ This is instructive because for so many of us we just know God as our Saviour, Redeemer and our Lord; even for some His Lordship is restricted to some selected areas of their lives while they call the shot in other areas. Sincerely God wants to be a Father to His children which He exemplified with the words in Matt 7:9-11. Such is the heart and disposition of our Father to us and His arms are stretched out still.

I found Love.
I would delve into this quickly but before that let me give a brief background. The year 2011 towards early 2012 was when I had my last relationship, since the break-up have had several ladies around but did not strike such chemistry to evolve into a serious relationship. But on August 6, 2016 at our inaugural Youth meeting in my church I lifted my eyes as Isaac did when he saw Rebekah in Gen 24:63 and saw Oladayo, the one whom I believe God had kept, pre-determined and pre-destined for me before the foundation of the world. Back then while I was not in any relationship, some morbid thoughts crept into my head; I asked myself if I was under a curse, is there something about me that repels ladies or am just not good enough? Not to mention the pressure from my parents about where is your girlfriend, bring her we want to see her and a whole lot. At a point in 2015, I was Best-man for three of my friends and I’m left pondering ‘’Baba God e mi naa fe marry.’’ God showed up this year 2016 and seriously if I was to count my blessings one by one, intentionally I will count this blessing twice as its God’s way of confirming again and again that none of His children is ever forgotten. For as many looking and desiring this kind of blessing too, Chai Baba God no go let next year pass you by.

2017 projections.
This is one year I look forward to with zest and enthusiasm cos God through his servant has declared as my Year of all Sufficiency and I believe it is a year in which I would prosper like never before. I also seek to get more educational qualifications, put more time and passion into what God has called me to do. I also trust God to love more, be more helpful, show more kindness, be more affectionate and all the more’s in a positive and healthy way.

2017 a year like no other. A year in which my future and that of Nigeria is more glorious than its past.

Seasons Greetings from Perry’s Tots.🎄🎆

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