Day 18: Seunfunmi Oyetunde

I’m sitting here typing this and I’m tempted to recount all the bad things that happened this year but then I realise that a lot of good stuffs actually happened too.. Truly, God has been and is still faithful and to be honest, 2016 is ending far better than 2015 did.

I’m grateful first of all for the gift of life, for the life of every member of my family and for my friends too. One of the key lessons 2015 taught me was valuing my relationships and believe me, I took the lesson pretty seriously. I think I tried (I need a but I can be better.

The first half of the year is blurred in my memory, I did what I had to do but I was majorly detached from it all. I questioned everything I believed in, including my faith. It’s good to know who you believe and why you believe what you believe because at the end of the day, that’s what really counts. It’s not about the activities or the gymnastics, it’s the state of your heart that really matters. I’m grateful for God’s love that’s unchanging and dependable, through it all, God kept telling me and showing me that he loves me with an everlasting love. I thank God I’m still standing and I’m getting better.

The second half of the year was definitely better. I had fun , I finished my internship, had a minor surgery, welcomed my new nephew Emmanuel, finally registered for NYSC, rode a horse for the first time, got closer to my family and friends, God and I now have a better relationship, had various opportunities to impact the younger generation, I tried my hands at teaching for a while and I loved it,though it was tasking, finally discovered something concrete about myself. Before now, I couldn’t exactly point out something that made me different, something I could do with ease but thank God, I now know. The discovery is still on though…I got myself a mentor and this year I was able to shed a lot of the emotional baggage I’ve been carrying around…I could go on and on…through it all, I kept seeing God working it out and I know he’s got even better plans ahead.

What I learnt in 2016… nothing can substitute your relationship with God. Life is so much easier with him in your boat. God’s promises kept me going and I know that faithful is he who has promised who will also fulfill it. I also learnt from personal experience that NOBODY IS INDISPENSABLE.

Looking forward to serving my nation…in d west preferably

2016 was and is still great! 2017 can only be better because I’ve got the best driver in the whole Universe…Jesus Christ. Do you have him too?😁

Thank you Perry’s tots for the opportunity to share…See you in 2017😘

Seasons Greetings from Perry’s Tots.🎄🎆

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