Day 19: Moyosore Ajayi

The year 2016 started for me on a very high note. I was super excited, it felt like I was going on an adventure. But as the first few months went by, I wasn’t sure anymore, there were those months of confusing, trying to figure things out…thank God for God! Thank God I believe.

All the confusion and questions gave way for peace at last. My 2016 really doesn’t record a lot of activities like my years do, but I’m thankful to God for some of the activities, like, getting a job, starting my cleaning service store (Just Domestics), starting my blog, miraculously getting the for Omilola Oshikoya’s Do It Afraid conference; the flourishing palm tree; it was better than great, I’m thankful for church and Pastor Biola’s message on Occupy Till I Come. I super thankful that I’ve become more playful, and I’m making new great friends like my super roomie, Shade Akintunde; Olive and the boss. I’m thankful for all the families I have. I ‘m thankful for the opportunity God granted me to study law. I’m thankful for the elderly people in my life. I’m thankful for the lessons I learnt. However, I am most grateful to God, my Father; to Christ, my Lord and the Holyspirit.

My 2017 is great! It’s a year of discovering and walking in my purpose to honour God. My relationship with God becomes more intimate. My relationship with my family is filled with more love. I have a great academic year. I blog with purpose. I am more dedicated to my work and I have great impact on work to the glory of God. Just Domestics will grow roots and expand. I do my interior design internship in an awesome place and start up too. I learn to cook more traditional meals, I’ll be so good, some will even pay me for food. I dance more in church, play more, go out more, make more friends (babies and grannies too). Reconnect with my old friends. I maintain a steady relationship with my mentors. I have a 24/7 attitude of thanksgiving. I learn, unlearn and learn. All in all, Christ is revealed in every move, every decision I take, amen.
Have a great time this season and trust God more, you’ll have a great year!

Seasons Greetings from Perry’s Tots.🎄🎆

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