Day 20: Bimbo Olajide


Hello readers,

Feels to good to be back on air at Perry’s Tots!

Bless the Lord oh my soul and forget not His benefits.

I am thankful for this amazing year 2016, my year of graduation to be precise.

I remember looking forward to this year with the joy of graduating from the university of Lagos , lo! It came to a reality . It can only be God . I’d give a brief rundown about the year.

Beginning of 2016… JANUARY
You can never go wrong with this special month which is of course my birth month.
School resumed December and yea we are not always getting bed spaces until later in the semester say after a month or thereabout. The stress of going to school from home everyday was becoming sickening, but I thank God for a wonderful and amazing friend, our very own Dr. Perry who has always been there for me every year, I was able to squat with her pending the time I was allocated a bed-space, I also celebrated my birthday in her room , special thanks to her lovely roommates. How I got my bed-space, I’ll tell you.
Most of us know the struggle, one has to go online to ballot, give your details to two or more people just incase …

Well, I went to the cafe with the hope of spending just an hour at most, lol! My inner self would have said “YINMU” because really I spent over one hour trying to login with my details, I didn’t give up…instead I kept on praying to God silently. Continued trying to login alongside praying. Yes, God answers prayers!!!

After somewhile, I checked my whatsapp, a friend sent an image , I was not so eager to download the image because all I could think of was how to get a bedspace. Meanwhile, during 2014 crossover service,one of my prayer request was “Lord, provide a bed-space for me in Moremi Hall” yea I was specific.

So I opened the whatsapp image sent by my friend… Wow!!! It was a picture of the hostel portal stating that I have been allocated a bed-space and to make payments immidiately. Now look at God in action , I didn’t even tell anyone about the whole balloting stuff, I had faith that I was going to get a space , but how? I didn’t know.

The guy in question happens to be my coursemate and well I guess he was actually trying to help different people in the class and mine clicked. I was over joyous although I didn’t know my hall of residence yet. Getting to know my hall of residence,updating profile,printing out bank slip was another struggle entirely,but I had no worries knowing fully well that I got a space sha, I proceeded with the whole stuff in faith that its definitely going to be the hall of my choice. Brothers and sisters of the living God, I printed my slip and it was moremi!!! Yes! Yes! I screamed right where I was sitting , Moremi!Moremi! Thank you Jesus! And then I told people about my request and that indeed God Answers prayers… The only thing I didn’t tell God was my desired wing , sure he would have perfected that as well.

First semester came and left with no stress whatsoever, just paper writing and stuff…

Second semester came!!! We were all happy to be in the last semester. We all knew the courses for the semester, but we were so eager to know the appointed lecturers . The list came out and we were all happy because we all loved the lecturers that would be taking us for the semester. Lectures started and it was all cool not until the lecturer assigned to take THEORY OF LEBESGUE MEASURE AND INTEGRATION said he would be appointing someone else to take the course , being a professor he doesn’t have much time to take us . We were all sad about the new development and remained in suspense till the new lecturer arrived. Hmmm… This Guy came, yes Guy. Lol! Dr. Hallowed Olaoluwa, incase you don’t know him, he was awarded the youngest and best P.HD holder.God!!! Why this last semester? Why does it have to be him? Graduation isn’t sure this year anymore… Those were some of the words coming out from everyone in class,because really he is such a saddist! But I said to myself , I took Dr Hallowed’s course in 300level first semester, and I scaled through , I can do it this semester also with God by me. I kept on believing and praying… I remember when Pero came to akoka and told her I had a test and I don’t even know what I was going to write on my booklet, and she told me not to worry… Well, test scores came out and we all performed poorly. I didn’t give up! Exams came, his course was the first on the timetable , we all got to the exam hall , oh God ! The questions looked so strange, I called upon God and said I am not failing this course! I did my best (answered just one question out of three) yes that was the best I could do. I left the hall and as usual when people ask, how was it ? I always go positive ! Although others were already lamenting and all, extra year ! Let me just go and hustle for next year’s school fees! And so on… I was shaky, but still had faith in God. News later got to us that if we attempted a full question we are good to go , I was relieved and was thanking God in advance. My God is just too awesome!The Result came out after so much suspense , It was indeed a bloody one , basically E’s And F’s I was one of those that had an E and I was even dancing and thanking God ,I trusted him for an intervention. The E seemed like an A I must say , lol! I’m sure we all have had such an encounter. After two days again, the results was upgraded , I don’t know why or how , but I saw God at work, from E, I moved to a C, isn’t God marvelous?
I am also thankful for a good project work under the supervision of a stress-free lecturer, I had no issues with my project and I have one of the best presentation.

I am thankful for all the people who genuinely believe in me and support me. I could go on and on, but I’d just stop here.


I’m seizing this opportunity to wish my sweet mother a beautiful and happy birthday.More successful years to come in good health and riches mummy, may the Good Lord bless you.

Also wishing myself and every other fresh graduate out there a good one in the labour market .

When it is sunny, everything is lit… Make sure you watch out for those that will disappear when it starts raining .

Thanks for reading,
Best regards,
Bimbo Olajide.

Seasons Greetings from Perry’s Tots.🎄🎆

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