Day 23: Fikunmi

I am humbled by this opportunity afforded me, to be a part of 31days 31voices.

Year in, year out we make resolutions, some we keep some we don’t, years come and go, time gone can never be regained.

2016 was a good year for me even though I feel I could have achieved a lot more. It started on a high note, I was even a gym addict at d beginning of the year but if you see me now.. :'( lost commitment lol.. Just like many other things I allowed to slip by in this year, however I am grateful for the seemingly little blessings that God threw my way.

First I would like to thank God for family, most especially my mum, beautiful woman, very supportive woman and as a popular song lyrics go ” mama when your boy hammer, I go buy you range rover…” My dad for all the fatherly advice and my kid sisters for their love, support and care.

Now the fun part:

My bucket list has a couple of items on it but I managed to tick one off it this year.

My cousin did an epic underwater wedding proposal that was a good one, innovative too.
I took a trip to a closeby African country, made a couple new friends and I finally visited a safari and zoo I even touched and played with real life LIONS.. fine they were cubs, but still potential adult don’t judge me. *straight face*

I made some achievements career wise, and itching for some more.

My cousin finally became a certified doc, my sis is a graduate yaay.

I would also like to specially appreciate ‘YOU’ for all the love and support even though I’m not expressive enough but I’ve got you…

I would like to appreciate my real people and close friends, they know themselves haha. special shout out Ifeanyi Egbe (never a dull moment when he’s around).

I hope and pray for a greater 2017 with loads of happiness and joy. And more ticks on that bucket list of mine.Hehe. Happy holidays, Cheers and happy new year in advance.

Seasons Greetings from Perry’s Tots.🎄🎆

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