Day 25: Akan X-Imoh

Happy Birthday Mr Chairman from all of us at Perry’s Tots.🎆🎆
Today, I’m a year older. Actually, I feel way way older. Maturity is descending upon me like a cloak. Lolz. Its funny, but, it’s something I can’t run from. I’m getting older.

I went through this year with a huge smile on my face. I went through this year with a firm belief in God. Lemme talk about God for a while. You see, my 2016 was about growing roots. For me, I began to understand what it means to be deeply rooted in God. I realized that, as a man, the one single most important thing you need as you grow is stability. You need something to be an anchor, and I found my anchor in Jesus.

I understood ministry from a newer perspective. Running one requires you to labour in secret prayers. Toiling and sweating away over the lives of those under you. Its more than the glamour and honour that comes with it. God took me through a period of pruning. I learnt how to subdue my desire for fame, my pride was beaten down. I learnt humility. Now, I don’t even care about the glory or credit. God just rules supreme. Phillipians 2:13 became my watchword.

I became much more observant. I talked less. Seriously, 2016 humbled me. I learnt to discard all my strategies and just trust God solely. I learnt to stop trying to be intelligent and just enter rest.

I learnt to love more. I learnt to open up my heart to people. Especially teenagers. They really hold a huge place in my heart. I learnt to listen to people more. I heard them talk about the issues affecting them. I decided never to judge anyone. I empathized more. I counselled, I did my best.

Coming to business. I rocked in 2016. I finally became a chairman. Lolz. It was like all my moves and business decisions were backed up by God. It was just an awesome year. My company, LePublicistNG delved into many things, and they were all successful.

I learnt that in business, you need to understand the place of strategic planning. That’s what sets you apart. I also realized that as an entrepreneur, you need to be above par in terms of intelligence. You must read. And read you must.

I use this to speak to you out there. Come 2017, thus is the time to put in your best. Never loose hope. The economy might be slow, but, you can still make something out of it.

Delay no more. If you’ve had something in your minds to do for a long time, now is the right time to do it. Write that book, plan that event, start that church, launch the NGO, carry out that movement, register for that course/exam. Do it now. Believe that God is here, and indeed, he is here.

I love you guys.

My name is Akan X-Imoh. Follow me on Instagram – @LifeOfAChairman.

Merry Christmas from Perry’s Tots, may this season bring more peace into our lives. Amen.🎄🎆

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