Day 31: Adepero Ajayi


Life is a journey and a cycle that keeps revolving, it never stops when you’re sad or pause when you’re happy so you can enjoy the moment; you just learn to survive or truly live. Adepero.

If I were to describe my 2016 in one word, I’ll say it was a God-Year.

Count your blessings name them one by one.

This year I’m thankful for God’s grace and favour that was mighty over my life, I literally could palpate his immeasurable favour over my life and that of my family especially concerning health matters. Through the accidents and the endless pills, we made it!

I’m grateful to God for the grace and confidence to share a part of my story with the world and I’m more grateful because of the lives it impacted and the people that reached out to me. I was honoured. Whatever garden God has planted you, please bloom extravagantly!

I’m grateful for friendships; old ones flourished and new ones are making me ask, how come we never met earlier? I’m grateful for Olorunwa, it’s amazing how God bring special people into my life during my down time who are needed at my high time, lol. I’m grateful for Dr Orenuga, you make being a mother something to look forward to and make me have a feel of what it is to have one. I’m grateful for Moyo, the way you’ve shown me love this year has brought tears to my eyes and I feel so honoured to have you as a sister. Faderera, how you love me so I’ll never understand, but I want to tell you this again, I love you friend turn sister.

I’m grateful for O, I’m speechless…
The way God brought you to my life is still surprising, you’ve brought so much joy and happiness into my life, you’ve brought overwhelming peace into my life and I could never ask for more. I pray God grant every of your heart’s desires in the New Year, thank you for standing with me in my worst and best times of 2016.

I’m thankful for the learning opportunities in 2016, from Creativity Lessons Over Tea to writing course by Sparkle Writers to Personal Branding course on Coursera to Missionaries-in-Training course et al.

I’m grateful for family, I had the worst fight ever with my dad since my mum passed this year and it was a very difficult time for me but we overcame and we’re getting better with each passing day.

I’m grateful for the people that walked away from my life, it only increased the quality of people surrounding me.

I’m grateful for the personal encounters I had this year, my relationship with God is on a whole new level and I can only ask and look forward to more.

I’m grateful to my readers, everyone who was a guest on this blog for #MyMbbsJourney and 31Days31Voices and most especially our subscribers, you make me want to continue doing this; at some point this year I wanted to throw in the towel. Working in the hospital and blogging has been a huge task but I’m thankful.

Bad times don’t last forever.

I failed! But what I gained is much more treasurable. It turned out to be a gift in disguise.
I was heartbroken by someone I never thought could make me feel so but I’m grateful for the lessons it taught me. The fact that you look up to someone doesn’t mean their words over your life is final, God is and remains the author of your life!

Life is about unlearning, learning and relearning.

I learnt to always be happy regardless, things would happen but always remember, God is in charge.
I learnt to keep hope alive. Everytime I think of the blog and all I want to do and the challenges, it gets overwhelming but hope doesn’t disappoint.
I learnt to believe in me more. A ‘mentor’ I admired and looked up to said some toxic words to me that shook the fabric of my existence, it made me go back to my maker to ask if all he showed me about my destination was just my imagination. I was happy to know He is in charge and nothing anyone says is powerful enough to shift His promises to me.

Everything good will come.

Additional educational qualification.
Create a team for Perry’s Tots (If you’ll like to be a part of the team send a mail to We need a web developer, administrator/content creator and graphic designer.
Better relationship with Christ.
Make quality friendships.
Make impact.
The year we slay.
Exceedingly abundantly above what I can think or imagine.

Happy New Year in advance and thank you for following the series, journey with us come 2017. Perry loves y’all.

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  1. Look at me:LASTMA. I enjoyed this. I have exercised my imagination wondering what your ex-mentor said to you and I came up with… I can only imagine. Continue pushing forward. (I know you are). Continue being you (I know you will). Give people a million chances(I know you do. I know they’ll squander it) Live to the fullest. Happy 2017.

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