How I Passed My Med School Resit Exams Without Sweat!

Hello everyone, trust we are all doing great! I’m excited to be sharing about a topic I’ve had junior colleagues walk up to me to ask how I aced my resits through med school without sweat! Lol! So today, I’ll be sharing my secret regimen for passing resit exams in med school. If you’re in that situation or know someone who is kindly share this resourceful material with them.

We live everyday as it comes, cool and calm but then life sometimes gives us a jolt, in different forms; in the form of a text, mail, call or school report. This event or occurrence might infact alter the course of our lives forever. The sad fact; life goes on.

Basically, when you get the news, you’re surprised, shocked or relieved (especially if you think you did worse than the result e.g you thought you were going to fail four but failed two. Lol) you want to find out who else is in this boat with me, worse if you’re alone and all your other friends passed. You may begin to have low self esteem of yourself, feel like you don’t know anything and majorly, think the worst of yourself. You remember the sleepless nights, the sacrifices, more painful if that was the course you studied the most. Don’t let the bad thoughts linger, you need your confidence to ace the resit.

PERRY’S Response: Take at most the first week to feel however I want to feel. Take the news in and begin to plan how to surmount the challenge. The mistake most people make is getting stuck at this stage for far too long. You need to realise that the days have started counting to the resit exam.
Questions to ask in planning: What did I do wrong? How can I do better this time around? Do I need help? Who can help me? Do I need to join a group study for this resit? How do I plan my day for the next 6 weeks or depending on how many weeks you get in your school?

The second week, I and the friend I identified could help create a SMART timetable having identified my weak points and we begin to work on it.

So for me, I read in the morning before I meet my friend. When we meet, he/she explains the part of the course I don’t understand and take examinations(for clinical classes); when I get to my room, I relax for some hours and do other things I feel like doing then I had a group study in the hostel I joined late into the night. So the night group study for me was revision and me trying to remember what I knew and identify what I thought I knew but didn’t know. I made sure I sleep well through out the course of preparing for the resit.

– Your friends may not be around you at such time, lol. Even fellowships don’t give exam brethren to students during resit, hehehe. You do not have to hold it against them! They just may not know how to reach out to you; some might even shame you to your face. Don’t dwell on it, you need all the focus you can get at this time and I want you to realise that it is a journey and it will be over soon. When it’s over, just like a pregnant woman forgets labour pain after she sees her baby, so is the joy of passing a resit.

– Don’t magnify this aspect of your life beyond proportion, it will pass!You’ll be a doctor and a good one at that.

– Be genuinely happy for your friends that passed.

– Be thankful, yes, you read that right, the bible says in ALL things we should rejoice and be thankful.

You noticed how I haven’t mentioned God or prayer since? It’s because I want you to realise God wouldn’t do for you what you can do by yourself. People can be mediocre, it doesn’t help. The aim is to do this once and get it over with, you need to do your part so God can do His. Give Him something to work on.

The last but the most important on this journey is God!

When I had the resit, I knew nothing just happens by mistake, so I asked God why? I believe you need to know too because nothing just happens with God. Every experience is important to God and you need to learn what He’s trying to teach or draw your attention to by this experience.

This is also a period to be have an intimate relationship with God because your wilderness experience is usually between you and God. He alone can understand how you feel perfectly and can soothe your heartache because there are days you’ll pray, “Lord, can this cup please pass over me.”

For me, I got the assurance it was a done deal and I kept seeing myself in that light. I kept picturing myself passing the exams with ease, I believed it so much I saw it happen in the physical. Hahaha. Your confidence should be in God and not your abilities, you have to rely on God.

One character you need through this period is thank- FULL- ness! Be full of thanks.

I’ll like to share some bible verses and confessions that encouraged me through my journey:
Genesis 15, 17:1-19, 18:1-14, 21:1-2.: You’ll appreciate the progression from when God spoke to Abram about giving him a child till He eventually got the child. God delivers on every of His promise.
Psalm 46, 56, 124-126 Isaiah 49: Constant reminder that God is with you on this journey.

I subscribed to some YouVersion Bible Plans on my phone, that really helped me. YouVersion is an app you could install on your phone, it’s on Google store and the like.
Always remember previous testimonies and know that God doesn’t change.

Most importantly, whatever the outcome, God is still God and your life is not your own!


If you’ve had a resit in med school, how were you able to go through? Kindly share to help someone.

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  1. I can absolutely relate to this post. Thanks for sharing! I think the most integral aspect of passing a resit is having the right attitude towards it. That automatically sets the tone for how you prepare, understand what you’re reading, and ultimately how you really with God. You already revealed what the right attitude entails in this post. I’m particularly happy about “being genuinely happy for your friends who passed”. That opens you up to help and counsel which will help you get through the phase. Great job Dr!

    1. Thank you Dr. Tolulope for sharing more insight.

      Feel free to introduce yourself on the introduce yourself page on the menu tab. Welcome to our community where we love you, learn together and inspire one another.

  2. I’m in this shoes right now. Resit in a few days. I know I’ll pass. Thanks for the post

  3. Thank you so much. This is so encouraging for me right now.
    At a point, it feels like I won’t get over it..but this helps.

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