Life Lately & Surviving a Violence Attack in the ER.

Hello everyone, how are you doing? Trust great!

I haven’t been in the best place of late in some aspects of my life, I guess life sometimes does a flip, lol. i understand it takes sad to know happy , so right now, I’m just saying to myself enjoy the process.

Work has been hectic, the word hectic doesn’t even describe it. Lol. As I’m recovering from a terrible call another comes knocking. The health sector of my country just makes me sad at the moment. The poverty is just so bad, patients can’t afford basic healthcare. There are no materials to work with, no papers to write, no bottles to take samples, so many doctors leaving the country.

I was composing the above post in the emergency room(ER) last week before my near death experience happened, today I just want to thank God I’m alive!

I was on call last thursday afternoon at the emergency when some people wanted to injure any health worker especially doctors. My team and I had to run for our lives till the situation calmed down. We continued our call.

At around 12am, another set of people came who were told no bed space and they went haywire. I was about to step out of the consulting room to call a colleague who went to sort out a patient and I saw the rate at which someone was running and the noise coming, I quickly shut the door and I told my senior colleague. She said to me, ‘Pero you’re a patient. Lie on the bed. ‘ as she threw her coat away.
I was terrified, if they actually come in, I was going to be the first to get harmed. I laid on the bed and remembered my other colleague I was about to call, I told him to stay put and hide too. I laid on the bed as I kept looking at the door, scared for my life.

My senior colleague then called me, so we moved to the next room, where we moved a bed to shut the door. We were terrified and shaking. Someone then opened a door and whispered to us to come in, it was a nurse. We hid in the smelling toilet for over an hour listening to how these people rant about how they will remove the eyes of the doctor, how they need to kill someone first to prove a point.

Honestly, I’ve had several near death experiences but this I will never forget. I kept saying to God, your assignment for me on earth isn’t over, even if, I don’t want to die like this, I kept asking for mercy. We kept praying, the nurse with us had to strip. We all disguised to leave.


Although after the situation, I was more displeased at the healthcare system and at my country because I could have died and the best the system will do is probably a candle light session and one minute silence, few days later, I began to carry more burden for the health sector of my country and to begin to work on the beautiful ideas I carry and not wait till when I think it’s best to launch out on those ideas.

After the event, I couldn’t say I believe in Nigeria but now I can say so now and the future of this country lies in the hands of its citizen. So, let us all try to be the best version of ourselves and see our country get rebranded before our very eyes.

God bless Nigeria.

If you’re Nigerian or not, how do you think you can contribute to make yourself, friends or people around you better?

Little things make big things happen.


PS: I love this one, there’s this special connection I have with people who didn’t grow up with their mum or lost their mum because I can relate well to their journey and this made me tear up.

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