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Hello everyone, it has been a minute since I last posted here. Trust all are doing great.It’s our fourth year Blogiversary Month! I’m going through a “Process phase” of my life and sometimes, you need to be quiet to learn. However, I’ve being working behind the scene and I have big news coming soon.

I want to share on a topic I’m passionate about, Money. My financial journey began in my final year in med school shadowing a business; I shared some lessons learnt here.
Shadowing the business made me have so many questions and I began seeking answers, reading books, searching the internet and attending business/finance seminars. This led me to Pocket Finance vlog by Omilola Oshikoya, the likes of SmartMoney Arese with The Smart Money Woman book, Mr. Deolu with Financial Intelligence: Lessons not learnt in school and more. I am glad I learnt helpful lessons before I began earning. I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad and I’ve made my teenage brother read it as well as send to some of my friends.

Knowledge is Power.

I was having a conversation with a colleague recently, I showed him excerpts of a project I’m working on, and we got talking about money matters; savings, investments and business opportunities. He just concluded his compulsory one year internship and he shared how sad he was about how much he was able to save. I shared some of the lessons I’ve gathered and practice. He described our session as insightful! I then thought so many other people need to be enlightened and how much more empowered our generation will be if we attain financial freedom.

I’ll be sharing some valuable financial lessons with you in no particular order and I would totally appreciate to learn from you too.

º Have a financial goal: saving is easier when a goal is attached to it. It feels like a reward after all the delayed gratification. I hear Piggybank.ng is quite good as it help you to be discipline with your saving habits.

Use money to make more money!

º Invest your money: Saving alone does not do the magic. Invest such that your passive income is able to take care of your everyday expenses. Acquire assets not liabilities. Assets buy luxuries. Assets Resource Management is a firm I find cool. They take their time to explain the different investment options they have and I think Money Market Fund is quite cool.

Let your money work for you and not you work for money!

º Budget: Planning for the new month helps to remain discipline and cut off excesses.

Budgeting is a lifestyle.

º Contentment: Delayed gratification doesn’t kill. You don’t have to keep up with the Jones, you don’t need to seek acceptance from people. Don’t live above your means.

Learn to abound and abase.

º Value your time and mind: Continue to educate yourself by reading and use your time wisely.

Time is money, use it wisely.

º Give: Give and you’ll receive. Give what you want; and it would come back to you.

º Pay yourself first: This is especially for entrepreneurs. Separate personal finance from that of the business.

º Be Healthy: Eat healthy to stay alive to enjoy your money, work out if you have to. Keep body and mind healthy. Be happy.

º Vision: If you complain that you don’t have as much money as you would like, you should ask yourself whether or not you have a vision. God gives provision for vision and He gives it to people who are going to carry out their God given vision. (A post on vision will be up next)

I hope you learnt from this post, kindly share some of your financial tips with me in the comment box.

PS: I know many people have read Rich Dad Poor Dad, if you’re yet to read it and you’ll like to; drop your email address in the comment section.

Love. Learn. Inspire.

Countdown to our fourth year anniversary! Yaay!


  1. I really love this, Perry! Especially as I have been learning, and presently practicing saving and working toward being more financially intelligent. Financial savviness is my new bae. You reiterated something someone recently mentioned to me: “Saving is easier when a goal is attached to it.” Thank you for the investment firms you shared. I will check them out.

  2. Thanks Perry for sharing! You reminded me of somethings and yes! have a budget. Putting the month when I had a budget and when I didn’t side by side, the budgeted month went better. No pain no gain.

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