Trust Your Journey.

Each day comes with its own troubles; I hope we have the strength to truly live the life of our dreams. Living the life of our dreams is one of the daunting paths we would possibly take in life, as it is a lonely path, just like the path to fulfilling destiny. A path full of doubts, No’s, fears, delays, hopes, believe, small victories, big failures and lessons. This is our pursuit of happiness.

However, it is also the beautiful period where we become self-aware, discovering who we truly are behind the veil, behind the fake smile, behind the tears; then we truly become happy. I believe this is one of the celebratory moments of one’s life but not everyone gets to this point. Sometimes, you need to pause to reflect on your why and search for your purpose here on earth. If God has given you a dream, go get it! Never let any man created by God tell you no.

I feel as we grow older, time, people and goals begin to put pressure on us and we sometimes lose focus but as you read this, I want to remind you that if your dream or vision is God-given, it would be God-govern. Just to add this; delay/pause is part of the package. Do what you can; get out of the way and let God do what only He can do.

Use your setbacks as your platform for a comeback; keep the vision burning.

Your dreams will come through.

I was chatting with an avid reader of this blog few days ago and the person said to me “You keep promising a comeback but nothing yet on the blog.”

The reason for the break from constantly blogging is one I can’t find the right words or reason for. However, I felt I needed a break from everything that was on my plate. I just needed a breath of fresh air. Ideally, I wouldn’t dare take a break knowing consistency is the engine that drives blogging, but, I was at peace with it. I have learnt lessons in my moment of silence; I have fresh ideas and ways of doing certain things. I am refreshed and energized to go further again.

Here is me saying this to you, whatever project you are on and you feel stuck or in your season of delay; I just want to tell you it’s all part of the process, see it as your season of rest, however, in that season, don’t stop learning for the journey ahead.

Until next time, thank you my awesome readers for sticking with me through my process phase.
I love y’all.


I know I’ve shared the YouVersion App with y’all; but sharing excerpts from it had my friends ask me to share the plan with them which is why I thought to share it with you. I hope it blesses you.


Hope you are watching Skinny Girl In Transit. I love love it!


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