HouseJob Chronicles: Obstetrics + Gynaecology & Medicine.

Hello awesometastic people, it is with great joy in my heart I share this with you! See who’s done with house job, one year just went by like that. I’m glad it’s all over!

I already shared about my Surgery and Paediatrics postings here; today it’s about my Obstetrics + Gynaecology and Medicine postings.
In retrospect, O&G was my worst posting, still grateful though cos my worst is some people’s best lol. I came to the conclusion house job was going too smooth for me that God felt let me shake things up for my baby girl. it was while in this posting there was a violence attack in the ER.

Activities in the unit included theater sessions (minor and major operations), ward rounds, clinic and emergency/labour ward calls. Most of the cases seen were fibroid, infertility, menstrual disorders, cancers and loads of pregnant women. Women go through a lot, I saw a woman abandoned in hospital unable to pay her bills and I wonder what the plan for the child’s future is. I saw men treat women bad; women need to build a life for themselves; and not left at the mercy of their men for everything. Seeing so many women delivered of their newborn makes motherhood look like so much responsibility, parenting is sure a lot of work. Here is me saying kudos to all mums and soon-to-be mothers.

Before I go on, kindly allow me rant for a bit, how do you expect someone to work 48hrs/72hrs at a stretch without breaking down or expect the person to give their best! Whoever came up with that needs to kindly reevaluate this system. Every other department does shift at the emergency spots. It’s worse for the house officers because they have to resume 8am while residents resume 4pm.
I worked with other amazing house-officers here and we bonded so well regardless of the negative vibes. 🙂

It is advised that women of reproductive age group who are sexually active should get a pap smear done. Pap smear is a screening test for cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is preventable and no woman should die of cervical cancer as there are vaccines available to prevent it.

Medicine posting. This was one of the postings I wasn’t looking forward to besides my pediatrics posting, and I’m so happy they both turned out cool. I was posted to nephrology unit. I started the posting during the National Association of Resident Doctors (NARD) strike and I was the only house officer in the unit. Most of the cases seen were hypertension, urinary tract infection, nephrotic syndrome, polycystic kidney disease, acute kidney injuries, chronic kidney injury and electrolyte derangements.

Hypertension is now defined as elevated blood pressure with systolic pressure of 130mmHg and diastolic of 80mmHg and above. I hope y’all check your blood-pressure often. Hypertension is a silent killer, if you don’t check you wouldn’t know. If you’ve been diagnosed hypertensive, please on behalf of your loved ones kindly take your medications religiously. Hypertension with poor drug compliance can damage the kidneys requiring dialysis and that can put a lot of financial pressure on your loved one.

My nephrology posting opened my eyes to see how unforgiving the kidneys are and how important water is to the kidneys. Drink that water my dear.

Oh, my senior registrar for the most part of this posting, Dr. Stowe, was so nice, adorable, beautiful and considerate as well as my registrar for the most part. Sadly, my SR had to go on leave, guess who brought us chocolate from the abroad. There was a day we had to see a patient very late in the night at the emergency and she insisted on dropping me off at my apartment. She recalled how I had some security challenges the last time I left the hospital late, at that very moment; it wasn’t on my mind until she said it. She reinforced a value in me; let people know the God you worship at your job even without preaching at them.

Oh the second house officer I worked with is my very close friend, my school daughter, and roomie in 300L, Dr Orjiude. It was fabulous working with her. It was cool and words can’t explain it. Work didn’t seem like work; well, till she went on leave and I was the only one on call during active call. I survived though.

I’m thankful I got lovely postings throughout my house job year and more grateful I worked with nice people for the most part.

Advice to new house officers: Do your job so well such that no one can get the opportunity to treat you like trash. If you do your job well and they still spill negativity, it’s not about you, don’t take it personal; they probably have some issues they’re trying to sort. Keep your personal space positive always. Be happy, take a break if you need to and most importantly, take one day at a time. You will be fine.

Submission for this year’s 31Days 31Voices is now open and I’ll really like to feature you.

It is a series where we have guest writers that share; the good, bad, challenges, lessons, ugly, beautiful times of the present year(2017), hopes and expectations for the coming year (2018).
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  1. Congratulations dear!!! Time flies so fast….wow.I also felt obstetrics was my worst posting .Thank God you were not harmed during the attack .Great advice for the new interns.Kudos

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