Day 3: Bode

I honestly consider an invitation to share in this with Perry’s Tots a great opportunity to reflect on the year and how far we have come because I may have not had the opportunity to do so on my own. Thanks to Perry’s Tots.

2017 has been a year indeed…

Hmmm, while others were at the beginning of the year STANDING up before goals and plans to tackle, this guy right here FELL in love…(straight face).

It ushered in a beautiful and weighty level of trusting Jesus, and when the amazing sweetheart said OK, it ushered in a truck load of responsibility.

Few months into the new year, I grew in God’s grace with the ability to face giant fears, one of which was the place of planning, an articulating purpose on paper.

I used to browse through life with just a head knowledge of ideas but one big testimony is how I got deliverance after studying the book of Nehemiah.
This book really helped me understand all that pertained to vision, purpose, goals and plans.

I must also say that I have never been so heavy on great ideas in my life before as this year, being a creative.
I hope to bless the world with a lot of them after much brooding and adequate planning.

So like I said, while others were tackling goals and stuff at the beginning of 2017, I joined in at the later part of the year after much learning.
Thanks to God who places awesome girlfriends in our lives to puuuuusssshhhhh us towards greatness. Honestly I’m so grateful for her.

I learnt quite a lot this year, wrote dreams, visions, and plans on paper a lot this year.

I also wrote awesome songs this year.I had fears too that I was losing my songwriting gift at some point.(Devil, shay shay shay shame!!!)

Must I mention that, I am currently serving in Jos of which I consider a gift from God.A lot has happened just by being here.

In summary mehn, this year 2017, I’ve learnt that trusting Jesus is the biggest asset alive a man needs to possess and I’m not doing without those in 2018.

We look forward to 2018.

Thanks Perrys Tots for such great opportunity.

Love y’all!!!

Seasons Greetings from Perry’s Tots.🎄🎁

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