Day 10: Yusuf

So I have literarily missed out of featuring on this amazing series for 2 years now owing to nothing but my laziness, lol. Thank you, Pero for refusing to give up on me.

I like how this series helps me review my year, relive memories and learn from successes and pitfalls. I do this with the help of my Google drive; you could try it too, especially if you keep picture records of moments that matter like I do.

I discovered I found a way to do the things I loved somehow, regardless of the circumstance – even housejob had to become side-hustle at various points. Looking back, I wonder how I managed to escape all the traps set by senior colleagues, the daunting tasks and the sleepless nights – I did some James Bond things this year o, and God got my back…lol! From my housemanship experience, I would only like to take away the prayers, smiles and well wishes I got from my patients especially mothers during my paediatric posting – those moments made me feel great being a doctor.

I would like to refer to 2017 as the defining year for me. I almost feel like it is the penultimate year infact because my instincts tell me 2018 is for breakthroughs, somebody help me say Amen! This year more than any other, I think I found a way to define my purpose more succinctly.

More than anything, I am grateful for the vision to lead the amazing young people I am blessed to have as part of The Nigerian Child Initiative (TNCI). These guys give me reason after reason never to dare give up on this vision no matter the odds. The impact we have been able to make as a team in the lives of the thousands of children we have come across in one way or another this year is indeed overwhelming. From helping children realize they can do a lot to change the world to bringing healthcare to children in need to advocating for a more Sustainable world – this year has been humbling indeed. I also got recognition for my work for the first time this year and I am honored to be in the circle of many other change makers in Nigeria.

Through it all, I am lucky to have the support of my wonderful family each step of the way. They overwhelm me with such love; I wonder where it is from sometimes. I am grateful for the grace to lead my siblings by example and be the big brother they look up to. But seriously, big brother no be joke o, na money!! – Another reason why poverty is not even an option by God’s grace.

My most important lessons this year have been that of patience, perseverance, sincerity of purpose and belief in one’s own destiny. It is important to believe that adversity is only temporary and there is always light at the end of a dark tunnel. We must also stick to our guns and keep at our strongest passions for the right reasons and the world would stop rotating to notice. It is also important to trust in your own journey like a friend of mine says, our struggles are different and so are our victories.

I look forward to the potential that 2018 brings with such positivity. I hope it brings us all smiles, fulfillment and lots of money too.

Seasons Greetings from Perry’s Tots.🎄🎁

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