Day 14: Esther

The year 2017(year of victory) started well for me with my birth month January(hmmmm,January baby, January 6), turned the BIG 25(Silver Jubilee), no photo shoot oooo, no big outing but was grateful and thankful for life but shortly after the birthday which was Friday I had to go back to Port Harcourt on the 7th for the N.Y.S.C programme to resume work duty at my P.P.A(place of primary assignment) on the 9th of January.

Port Harcourt (Garden city and the treasure base of the nation) was very eventful for me. As a corper we were expected to serve our fatherland under the sun or in the rain Nigeria ours,Nigeria we serve so P.P.A(B.M.S.H,Braithwaite Memorial Specialist Hospital,Old Gra,Port-Harcourt,Rivers-State) were I worked(Physiotherapy Department) was tasking with little pay or better still recharge card money(your guess is as good as mine) learnt a lot from the department,the hospital and the Rivers people as a whole.

I met great people, I had a home(The Okujagu’s), even though it was my first time far away from home for months I truly had a home away from home. I was treated as a family member with my big sis(aunty Koru) treating me as her own sis(no blood relation).

Church was the great (Salvation ministries,home of success) with David Ibiyeomie, when I first got to Port Harcourt I saw billboards about salvation ministries and was like what is this,then my friend who works in Port Harcourt also analysed and told me about different churches too; since I was coming from Lagos and I attended Joshua-ville(R.C.C.G), I figured I should attend RCCG or rather HOTR but as God will have it I found myself in Salvation ministries and loved every moment of it(there are plenty testimonies of which I cannot even start to mention because there won’t be space here).

I’m grateful I met Alexander Ogbinaka jnr(my personal friend,warri), everyone thought we were an item, he was good to me, The physio crew, PT Adetoye(my roommate), PT Barisoma(my small Mummy), PT Obi(selfie partner), PT Iyoyo(I call her 9-9:30), PT Adedamola(my able zee baby), PT Nwagbo(Onyi), it was wonderful working with you all,forever cherish the memories and cheers to better years ahead.
How can I forget Tenalo Tuamene(my friend my friend), I personally bullied him,if I needed to go anywhere and needed company, I call him and NO wasn’t an option for him, I miss you big time though. There are so many people I met but let me mention a few(Kachi,Nonny,Doyin,Funmibi,Iheanyi,Taiwo,Mercy,Osagie,Olanma,Peter Jerome(aburo).

September 8 was world physiotherapy day, I had an exhibition on the 9th of September in salvation ministries during youth convention where we showcased physiotherapy to the members of salvation ministries and Rivers state. A big thanks to God for making it possible, also Aunty Koru(big sis), Pastor Ebizimo, Mr Wale(Administrator in B.M.S.H).
Sadly, N.Y.S.C programme had to end, I was finally done with the service year November 2nd,2017. I took so many pictures and wished I could take everyone I met especially those that were wonderful to me in Port Harcourt back to base(Lagos) see you all at the top.

Like I said,the year 2017(year of victory) started well,also ending well. I might not be where I want to be but am far from where I used to be. I’m grateful and thankful to God who took me to Port Harcourt city(Rivers state), I learned to survive,be independent and fully trust in God not man.

Also an idea started with the exhibition(E-physio) in September and have continued even up till this very moment. Watch out for E-PHYSIO, we are on social media treating medical issues that can be avoided or reduced to the barest minimum.

Thank you for reading hope it was not boring. I cannot wait for year 2018 to be greater than 2017,see you in the NEW YEAR.
Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year in advance.

Seasons Greetings from Perry’s Tots.🎄🎁

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