Day 15: Oluwaseun

2017 – Seventeen reasons and more. But no, it’s more than seventeen. 18. 19. It’s not even 20. It’s beyond infinite because every experience I have had can’t be measured in time.
The three wise brothers and the time capsule.

What is more important? Is it the experience of what we see and understand today or what someone wrote years ago? I know that there are timeless truths but that doesn’t dispute the fact that more can be discovered.
Wherever life takes you, I am there because I speak the truth and the truth bleeds me. And anytime I speak the truth, you escape to Nirvana.
Do not build yourself around a certificate based economy. Do not sell your unrefined self to get refined and then purchase later. As you learn to love yourself better; as you learn to forgive yourself for failing, free your soul, set your goals, come home, come home with me.

Your growth is inevitable because the truth is inevitable. And who you are requires you to see past your ego. See. Please see. Surrender yourself. Lose things. Be unsafe. What’s within may hurt you but you will heal. And with the scars tattoo your soul. You have always wanted a tattoo and this is even more – the dreadlock look; the nose and the earring. Do not sell your soul. You always cried rivers just to swim within and drown in it but you always end up at the horizon. Because you are that river. Just like harmattan to the trees – bare and naked – know your insecurities. Love your weaknesses. And strengthen your strengths. Be vulnerable because you’re human too. The human condition.
Concentrate on your frustrations. Note your fascinations.
Do not mistake true fellowshipping with religious visiting and activities.
Build. Break. Build again.

Do not be a boys’ scout quick to tie the knots. Do not be afraid. Pierce the veil on your calculated cool. Only love can thrive. Wealth isn’t money or currency. Wealth is value activated. Allow yourself to drown and get up-thrust again. Think! Not with your gargantuan one-eyed beast but with love. Conquer the mountain of self-doubt. Let your heart beat so that time can stand still.

Seasons Greetings from Perry’s Tots.🎄🎁

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