Day 16: Salamah

Overwhelming Love.

At last! I get to write my 2017 story, after so much procrastination.
Overwhelming love is what I experienced throughout this year, I realized what love was because this love I felt was different, beautiful, love that came through despite my inadequacies, my flaws, love that didn’t seem to care about my past or present, it redefined my path.

Last year, I was wrecked I lost a tablet and phone at once then one month later my new phone got stolen again!!! It was like god of phones was simply against me using a phone. Then talking about selfless, my younger sister is definitely an example in her words “Sallie can’t live without her phone, so take mine” that was the most selfless thing I got that year, in November the mouth piece got spoilt lol and then the circle of not having phone began again.
This is just to give an insight to how I was entering 2017, so when I saw this picture on Instagram that has several words moving and the caption was anyone you screen grab is how your 2017 would be, I didn’t even choose any one subconsciously, that was different and unusual of me honestly, I could have tried to pick one that I liked. I totally left it to “luck” so I took a screen shot and what I saw was positive energy.

There were nicer words in that picture really but what I got was positive energy, at that time the positive did not make sense to me but that energy I needed it! too tired from the loses of 2016 so that energy was key to me. I had learnt from a friend that I shouldn’t focus on negative things, that even when everything seems to be negative, there is something positive in it. I remembered his words and I decided to take along the positive with the energy throughout 2017. I entered promising to focus on the victories rather than loses, seeing the “it could have been worse if not for God” rather than “why isn’t it better” and this has helped me appreciate the love around me and has overwhelmed me to see that I was so loved. Eventually the positive was the best part of 2017.
If I decided to write 2017 in details, then it would be as long as an Indian movie without intermission because there was just never a point it got worse or better. This year was a hit back to back… lol, someone is thinking this girl must have had it so good.
I didn’t, all I did was redirect what I focused on. This year came with strong blows, life threatening ones and just when I am about to hit the floor and surrender, his love came through. This love was God’s love and I keep wondering how I deserved this love? He sent his love through humans too. When I had the worst times this year, friends came through and this year I understood what friendship was, I didn’t have to be perfect, I didn’t have to do anything right, friends would always stick out for me.

This year wasn’t entirely bad, in fact it was more of happy times or I just couldn’t see the gloomy times, I had one of my best times this year! Like really great times. I could count the number of times I had mood swings this year despite not getting everything together for myself. Times I felt sad or my mood changed, I would consciously ask myself why I was sad? Why I couldn’t see the so many blessings and begin to jump and celebrate, why it was just one or two setbacks that has made me so sad and declare everything terrible, I haven’t gotten it right yet but 2017 had set me on the right path to getting this.

Family is key!!! When everything is gone, family stays, when it’s gloomy they are there to brighten your day and 2017 made me appreciate family more. Family isn’t just your blood, some people are no longer friends they are now family and once you have these kinds of friends, and you would begin to experience bouts of joy.

2017 to me was my year of growth, I saw myself grow physically and spiritually, I pushed limits for myself, I tried new things and I got my hands on a lot of things.

My 2017 lessons:

• Try praying about it, it helps.
• Tell someone you know and trust about it ( God is like the first person you tell) it really helps.
• It’s never always full of negativity, check something good is in there.
• Learn to appreciate the people around you
• Be who and what you want. Try this! It helps your relationship with people.
• Try not to live for yourself only, be the help someone needs to get through.
• It’s never wrong to seek help, you can’t do it all by yourself.
• You would need people, be sure to surround yourself with real ones.
• Let who you are be who you are and not who people are to you: now this is hard, I am still working on this.
• Loyalty is important, never forget those who were loyal to you and always try to stay loyal.
• God’s love is there even with your sins and flaws, it’s always there. You just need to receive it.
• God has his plans, he is the “ you think I am finished but I am not God” trust him always.
• Finally you are good enough.

With all these I believe my 2018 is going to be a bliss, the journey is with God, and I can’t wait to grow financially in 2018.

PS: I honestly tried to make it short. Thanks to Pero for the amazing opportunity to write this.

Seasons Greetings from Perry’s Tots.🎄🎁

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